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Beneath A Steel Sky

Personally, I am a fan of post-apocalyptic stories and games and a reader of Sci-Fi literature. This game forces the player to travel deeper and deeper into the disturbing world of an overpopulated earth: large cities reminiscent of Isaac Asimov's Foundation and beautiful scenes make this game a classic.
You are the unfortunate son of a genius who was one of the scientists who invented a supercomputer to rule over men's lives. Everybody is hostile towards you. There are many ways to die, so save often!
The version you can download here on Abandonia is for DOS. It has music and sound effects and I prefer it because of its size. However, if you have a broadband connection and wish to download the CD version which can be played using ScummVM, you can do it by clicking HERE.

ScummVM is also the best way to run the CD version of the game on modern computer systems. Otherwise you won't be able to run it from Windows at all.

by Borislav Dobudja
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