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Pole Position


Pole Position is a racing game. You are a F1 driver and You want to be a Champion. Sounds easy and that easy it is. There is no plot, no track selection just simple racing on pre-defined tracks in order from easy to hard.


Driving in this game is very easy. You can define keys as you want, you got acceleration, brake, turn left & right and just one button to switch gears (because your bolid has only 2 gears). When you drive You need to carefully avoid your opponents and signs near track. Just touch them and your car will explode taking some seconds from your precious time. Time is most important thing in this game. Noone cares about places - You just need to get the finish line before time gets to zero.


Graphics aren't good: 4 colour palette, screen looks like divided in two parts. Lower shows your road, upper shows some mountains which scroll right and left when you go through curves.

Getting This game to run is a little bit tricky so read "how to run.txt" file before getting nervous.

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