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Something to do with....
Originally Posted by Simoneer View Post
Hmm... No dosbox.conf anywhere to be found?

EDIT: Nevermind. Just copied the DOSBox 0.72 conf file into the 0.73 folder. Works like a charm.

Autoexec FTW. \o/
Originally Posted by dosraider View Post
Bad idea. Do not mix them.

If you want a dosbox.conf in your dosbox folder let dosbox write a new one, adapted to 0.73.

dosbox -> readme -> 4. Internal Programs -> CONFIG -writeconf localfile

Or open the dosbox 0.73 config file (start menu -> dosbox 0.73-> configuration) and use
'save as' -> 'all files' -> 'dosbox.conf' -> point to your dosbox 0.73 folder.
Not as 'dosbox-0.73.conf', that doesn't work in the dosbox folder.
Maybe you could try to use the 0.63 dosbox conf in 0.73 ..... or the 0.73 conf file in 0.58?
Be creative! FTW!

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