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Flashback (DOS)

"Flashback" definitely is to be put in the "Ahead of it's time" section. It "feels" a lot like Prince of Persia or Black Thorne, however one thing makes it different: the animation. I always had special feelings for well animated games :-). And there are tons of animations here. Low resolution, of course, but sometimes suprisingly smooth. The levels look pretty good also (not excelent though), especially "The Jungle" (screenshot 1). When I first saw this game at my old frend's brand new PC (it was a 386 I think) I was so jelaous knowing there was no way this game would run on my computer equipped with EGA graphics. Well... enough frustrating memories for now. There are only 7 levels but several animations between them to support the storyline. Gameplay is nothing spectacular, but navigation is easy to get used to. Some will appreciate the way our characters moves: smooth - smoother than Prince for example. The bad thing is: you always carry the same pistol - no interesting weapons around. All in all - this is an average game in it's "brand", but I must say: Highly recommended. At least try it and watch the intro!

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