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Desert Strike - Return To the Gulf

Desert Strike is a very simple and fun helicopter game. This is a true relief, as I remember most of the old chopper games made me dizzy or just confused. This one, on the other hand, takes a different approach and places entertainment ahead of realism. You are a chopper pilot and have to carry out various missions in the Gulf. They will vary from seek-and-destroy to rescue and delivery operations. There will be some power-ups on the way as well. The controls are as simple as they come: arrow keys for moving around, and three keys for shooting your weapons. You are equipped with a standard machine gun, and two types of missiles - one light and unguided, and the other guided and heavy. You will also be able to buy new (and better) co-pilots as the game progresses. This is a very solid piece of software that I remember playing for countless sleepless nights smile.gif You might end up doing the same, you never know. Try it out!

By Kosta
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