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Default Prince of Persia 2 - The Shadow & the Flame, by Kosta

I love this game! In general, one of the thigs I like the most about a game is the story it contains (if one contains any). And, just like it's predecessor, Prince of Persia 2 has a story that you've got to love. And it's well told: this game contains several minutes of illustrated and narrated "storyboard" to pull you in (which is rarely seen in other games from this computer era). In fact, I find it admirable how they've put so many images, sounds and colors in a "less than 5 MB package". Unfortunately, besides huge visual and auditive improvements, Prince's gameplay hasn't changed a bit, and thus many hardcore fans of "Prince 1" were a bit disappointed by it. I wasn't - play it.

by Kosta

The game:
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