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For some of the prior - and many of the future - posters:
An Idiot's Guide to Running SimEarth on DOSBox.

Download the latest version of DOSBox from If you don't know what your operating system is, chances are it's Windows something-or-other.

Create two directories in the root of your C drive:
* Adrive
* Cdrive

Unpack the game archive to Adrive

Run DOSBox

Input the following commands:
mount A C:\adrive
mount C C:\cdrive

NOTE: If you encounter issues, try setup.bat instead of install

During installation, choose the following options:
Install from drive: A
Install to drive: C
Destination directory: C:\SimEarth (the default)
Display: VGA, 640x480, 16 color
Sound: Sound Blaster
Lanugage: English

When the installation process concludes, input following commands in the DOSBox command line:
cd simearth

When you want to run the game afterwards, you only need to enter:
mount C C:\cdrive
cd simearth

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