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Default Trying to make a Civ2 Scenario :)

I'm trying to make a Civ2 Scenario, featured around the Battle of the Bulge

So this is what I need help with....

Units-I'm very, very bad with 256 color thingies, I have trouble makeing them

Terrain- It invovles 256 colors I Can use additional resources I can get from downloaded scenarios i suppose, maybe

I Can make the maps my self, I think, though im yet to figure out if theres a real Scenario editor or not, cause i use the one you can use ingame in Civ2. I saw something about it on the civfanatics webpage, but the download link is borken now

Units I'd like are things like PanzerIV, Sherman, 101st Airborne Troopers, you know, stuff that was really there, if someone can help me on this, then I'd let you know....

(Also, If your good with the free program "Inform 7", drop me a PM)
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