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Okay, I have had problems getting Sim Earth to work using DOSBox. I set up DOSBox 0.65 the way that it is set up via the Abandonia tutorial. I downloaded the game, and extracted the files. I renamed the folder "EARTH" (without quotes) and moved it into the CDrive. I typed :CD EARTH, and then "install". I chose install from Drive A to Drive C, yadda yadda yadda.

When it came time to install, it said "cannot find simearth.dat from drive A" or whatnot. So I looked in the EARTH folder, and lo and behold, simearth.dat was in the folder. I created a folder called ADrive and put that in my C drive (next to the DOS folder that has all the DOSBox info). I copied all the files under "EARTH" and put those into ADrive, then I ran DOSBox, and typed "mount A: C:\ADrive". My A drive is now the ADrive folder.

I reinstalled Sim Earth, same process. And everything worked smoothly. I now have a working version of Sim Earth going on right now as I type this.

I hope this helps anybody using Windows XP with DOSBox that had the same troubles.

To run the game after installation just type "simearth" (without quotes) into the prompt. And if you want to play it after that just type: "CD simearth" -> "simearth" (again, no quotes).
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