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platformer 03-01-2006 01:55 PM

If you are using high res. like 1280x1024 & wanna play in larger DOSBox window,
and you don't want screen to be so blurry, use this in DOSBox configuration file:
hwscale=1.5 for res. 1280x1024
or hwscale=2 for res. 1600x1200

If you don't want screen to be blurry at all, then you'll have to use:
hwscale=3 or hwscale=4
..but this openglnb mode is very CPU consuming.

However i didn't try frontends.

fredsambo 07-01-2006 04:20 AM

yay! thanks, i was wondering about this.

i'm using d-fend on dos box and this config works great.

thanks again!


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