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Adam 05-05-2005 01:51 PM

I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to file names and uses and the like. I have tried downloading a number of games - making sure to only get the ones that are Windows XP compatible, and after installing, I keep getting the error message that the file name is not valid, and that I should check my PIF file. I have read that this has to do with compatibility, however, I don't know what to change in order to get these games to run. Please help, Thanks.

The Fifth Horseman 05-05-2005 02:05 PM

1. Right-click the executable you are using.
2. Click the "Compatibility" tab.
3. Figure out what to do with the options...

Adam 05-05-2005 02:12 PM

Yeah, I checked all the boxed, unchecked all the boxed, and tried all the different combinations. Any other ideas?

The Fifth Horseman 05-05-2005 02:18 PM

Have you tried the drop-box with Win 9x compatibility? If no, do that. Try Windows 95 at first.

As for "any other ideas" - get DosBox. 99% of the games up here work well with it. And don't even try the "I cannot be bothered" approach, it wont work.

NrmMyth 05-05-2005 02:59 PM

I have just to add that compatibility drop-box never produced anything good in my expirience, so better stick with DOSBox. :ok:

Data 05-05-2005 03:16 PM

if it's not this:

try deleting the pif file.

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