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Kosta 04-07-2004 11:50 PM

Caesar II
Feel free to comment and discuss this game here. Also, if you have any useful tips or tricks don't hesitate to share them with the others! Thanks!


Hellblade 05-07-2004 09:28 AM

file not found
it says "file not found - code1" no matter where i run it, Dosbox or WinXP

Kosta 05-07-2004 01:06 PM

You need to press 2 after starting the game when it asks for CD options.
It works fine, I re-tested it

Tom Henrik 05-07-2004 03:05 PM

I don't know if this helps, but...

When I dowloaded the game for the first time I stored it on my C:\ (Same as DOSbox)... It worked without problems of any kinds.

Then I moved everything to my D:\ and the game refused to work. DOSbox gave me the exact same message as the one mentioned above.

So I moved it back to my C:\ again, and it worked again.

Data 13-07-2004 02:58 PM


*works* in win2k as well.

for me the mouse will only go halfway down the screen before it just stops, like its hit the end of the screen.

any ideas?

try this

it seems to reprogram the mouse a bit.

Mr.Peskapoe 29-09-2004 03:25 PM

I'll let you guys in on a cheat, or rather an exploit, I discovered. When you get a promotion decline it and wait another 10 years for the next one, in the mean time raise your own wage to whatever your city economy can handle. By the time your offered a promotion again you should have an enormous personal fortune, the thing is you get to keep it and when you choose your new province you'll be able to donate your entire fortune to your city. :D :D

Using this exploit I nearly finished the campaign at the hardest settings, I think I won over 20 provinces.

Also, I belive pressing "A" will speeds the game up, it'll make those 10 years pass ALOT faster.

DSmidgy 10-03-2005 07:23 PM

I uploaded the PL8 files to x
I will take it down in few days.

It's rar file renamed to zip. Winrar should opened it without renaming.

EDITed on 12th January 2006: New download link.

Jman4117 05-04-2005 04:06 AM

If it's just not colored correctly, try it in 256 colors.

j713 29-04-2005 02:29 PM

Anyone gotten the sound to work for C2? I'm eternally grateful to finally have found all the Pl8 files that I was missing, but as I recall, the sound just makes this game!

In fact, side note, kinda funny story, but the reason I decided to start playing again after a 5 year hiatus is because I made a joke with my firends (in the C2 voice) "more plebs are needed!" :P none of them got it, so I HAD to show them C2...but the sound don't work!! AGGGHHH....well I digress...sound not working= Baaaad....

Also, how could this game only get a 3/5? The editor got it right...this is one of the best games gameplay wise I've ever played. Seriously, SimCity with battles+provincial mode+ conquering Europe...what's not to love? I even like the fact that the battles are on plains instead of complicating things with too much terrain (I'm thinking of Medieval total war) The only problem with this is the hassle of playing it on XP... It's the best simulation/empire game I've ever played?

Finally, for those of you who've played it, how does C3 compare? Iss there a provincial mode? Are battles still with full units instead of individuals (aka C2 style compared with Warcraft/C&C style)

shoot ...late for work

Thank you for any help with the sound!


Guest 29-04-2005 04:17 PM

I agree re C2, thereare a lot of subtle and great aspects to the
way you advance in the game, based on how well you plan
and build your cities, having the different buildings arranged in
a way that allows transport and access, and needed supplies, and
the overall many different aspects of the game make it complex
yet playable. A great game. Mirabile visu [great to behold]

Maybe the version up on the site does not have speech files?
Not sure. I havent played the version up here. Will check it out
later today.

Audentes fortuna juvat [Fortune Favors the Bold!] :cheers:

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