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ysorian 31-08-2008 01:10 AM


Originally Posted by Lulu_Jane (Post 335031)
I've downloaded it and it's actually pretty impressive so far. You can select whether you would rather play with a point and click interface, text parser or a combination of the two.

Also, there's an option to simplify the damn Shapier alleyway maze.

The only complaint I've found is that the combat system is pretty terrible, but then again, that's sort of in keeping with the Quest For Glory spirit anyway :D

Ill give it a go, on ur say so! but i still wonder if the wonderful little bugs, (the one i previously mentioned) or the ability to infinitely sell the Dervish's beard enablin multipe pill buyin so within 2-3 days of trainin in the weapons guild u can max out ur stats, are still possible!

I lost the bit of paper i had the maze on early on in the piece so i learnt to do it from memory... future alcohol consumption has negated that once fine ability :amused:

P.S. what was wrong wid the funky maze? It only pissed me off when u hit Rasier and couldnt go anywhere... (the amount of time i spent wanderin in circles just to kill time :()

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