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Dancsi39 20-11-2020 03:02 AM

Bonkheads Deluxe (CD not rip)
Bonkheads Deluxe (CD not rip)

I know that Bonkheads is already uploaded here, but the Deluxe edition is better, comes with an editor and more levels.

for PC, not the Mac version

Smiling Spectre 20-11-2020 06:28 AM

Try They have the CD, but under "Bonkheads". But if it's really re-release, as Moby says, it can be the real thing.

Dancsi39 20-11-2020 01:34 PM


I checked over there and they only have the normal version too, not the Deluxe

Normal = by 1 AM Entertainment

Deluxe = by Aspyr

Smiling Spectre 21-11-2020 12:18 AM

Indeed. Sorry then, I cannot found any sources, if not on ebay. :/

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