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songbird 27-09-2011 05:38 AM

Songbird's Offers
The game I'm offering is the sequel to Whale's Voyage... which would be Whale's Voyage 2. It is not the DOS version, rather the Windows version. I have taken care of the language issue and it is presented to the community IN ENGLISH

I've one problem I need help with fixing: There is the issue of a repeating pop-up that keeps telling the player that it cannot read the CD (even with the CD in the PC). The problem also occurs if the CD is ripped to ISO format and mounted with Daemon Tools.

I need a pro out there to create a work-around for this problem. I'm running XP and even in compatibility mode the problem exists.

Anyone? If someone wants a challenge, I'll upload the game to a host, then it would become a joint offering to Abandonia Community:smile2:


Professor Oak 27-09-2011 06:54 PM

The first thing I can think of is recommending you try to make the image in the BIN/CUE format and see if that fixes things.

songbird 28-09-2011 03:22 AM

Will do. I'm itchin' to play this thing without being pestered by the pop-up. Will let you know if it works.

Well, tried the BIN/CUE approach with no luck...

Still the message " Bitte legen Sie die Whale-CD ein!"; which is, "Please insert the whale-cd!"

Next approach?

hunvagy 28-09-2011 07:16 AM

Wait, wait.. there's an ENGLISH PC VERSION OF WHALE'S VOYAGE 2???? :omg:

songbird 28-09-2011 04:06 PM


The Amiga community struggled for a long time to translate the game to English. I never really have done the Amiga community, but I never really understood why no-one ever really dug into the Windows version of the game.


Open your CD (or image of) and open the file "WV2WIN". Next, open the folder "text". Inside are a set of files with the extensions .ENG and .GER.

RIP your CD or create folders so you can work with these files on your desktop. Create a folder on your desktop (name it whatever you like) and drag all of the .ENG files to this folder. Rename the .ENG file extensions and make them all .GER. Copy the renamed .GER files to the game folder "text". You are prompted "do you want to replace these folders?" and you say "yes"

This may not change everything in the game to english; I've not played very far into the game due to pop-up prompts every minute-or-two which get to be very annoying. Though what I have played of the game, everything is translated.

It appears NEO had it in mind that they were going to make an english release of the game but never did. The English translation has always been in the game, though few have ever looked.

I've known about this for about 3 years, but never did anything about it. Frankly, help me with the annoying pop-ups; I'd like to play the game!

Japo 28-09-2011 06:50 PM

Does it work right if you use the original German version you have? Does it only happen after you've swapped the .ENG and .GER files? After you do, are there still any .ENG files, or did you move them out instead of duplicating them?

How many MB does it take? Maybe you should upload it so we can take a look.

songbird 28-09-2011 09:37 PM

Both the .ENG and .GER files stay in the "text" file in the game directory. The only change is the actual content of the .GER files.

The CUE/BIN file of the game is 84.1 MB.

I've filezilla and the new ftp site info. I'l upload it under the file name of "WV2". If I'm unsuccessful I'll write here in the forum.

What research I've read explained that some games from the late 1990's looked at the hierarchy of drives for their CD check. I changed my drive letters to reflect where the disk was located so the game could "read" the physical CD and had no luck.

A virtual drive (daemon tools) was not recognized either. I was able to install the game fine from both physical and virtual drives though. Uploading shortly.

songbird 28-09-2011 10:12 PM

BIN/CUE uploaded under folder name "WV2". Inside folder is also a .zip of the original game folder "text".

I'm looking forward to your findings!

Japo 28-09-2011 11:59 PM

But do you have an image that works without the popups, from the original CD in German? I think we should start from a CD that works, and then figure out if there's a way to patch the text files that doesn't cause the popups.

songbird 29-09-2011 02:10 AM

I do not have an original CD.

The BIN/CUE was created from files offered from German freeware site(s):

and a few others as well. There is a poorly seeded torrent out there that really goes nowhere. I've tried to use the torrent and, well, hours later, nothing.

The point being, what is offered on these freeware sites is a CD rip.

BTW; the game is not sold based on a search that included

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