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LianneJW1912 01-03-2018 11:36 AM

OK so based on people's general feedback so far, there are a couple of things I'll be doing ahead of AT5. The first thing mentioned was related to contributing articles, so I'll post in a separate thread so as not to make things confusing (and this reply too lengthy!) but there will be a guide for how to do so and what sort of article is good for the magazine! Someone also PM'd about a reward for doing so, but I have no idea what pieces of eight are, but if it's something people are interested in... :P

The other thing is translation efforts. Of course the original is only in English, as it's my native language, but anyone who can edit into alternative languages need only PM me, and I can send the original document over for editing if you think you can do it; of course this especially applies to official translators who are recognised by the page. Of course I could do a lazy job of it myself and simply copy and paste with Google Translate, but then of course it won't actually be legible! XD

If there are any questions, please feel free to PM me, as some of you have already done! Otherwise it's my humble thanks for everyone who enjoyed AT4, and your fantastic support is immensely appreciated!

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