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twillight 20-06-2021 07:58 PM

Now, let's make a last "on my TBP list" post.

Like there is Warhammer: Chaosbane. Look, I don't get Warhammer, especialy not WH40K, and I think their games are shit by screenshots.
I thought this will be a Diablo-clone, checked the requirements, and I surly hit the minimum, according to (some) lists, even the optimum. Well, it lags like Lionheart, so fuck this whole shit. And fuck GoG.

Same thing with Batman: the enemy within (from the Telltale series).

Then there is Postal 2, because you have to experience famous games, which by the way 99% of the time turn out to be shit.

And I should check ut Torment: Numa-numa-ai, or whatever its name was. I never got to instal the bugger. Not sure why, then it got bad reputation, couldn't access the (overpriced) novels...

Then there are those two giant RPGs, Underrail and Pillars of Eternity 1.
Underrail looks bland, and a bit complicated, and fuck you for checking me for nooks, Baldur's Gate 1 style. Just so you know, originaly you had no item-highlight option.
And PoE? I got through some tutorial-section way-beck-when, but it is missing the hook for me. Sure, the game looks ok, but where is the Enclave blasting unarmed vault-dwellers and their children? If I want to play a pig-farmer, I'll pick Dink Smallwood, thank you!
Btw, Dink S. had terrible monetary system if you wanned to use bows. I've beaten the entire game TWICE and still could not afford the best bow, that's how ridiculous its price.

So I'm realy like: gimme blasted pokemon, those were the games, we had FUN. Nowdays? Here is a quest: pay me XXX$ real money, or fok off! So depressing.
They even anounced Windows 11. BUT WHY?!?

twillight 25-07-2021 02:15 PM

Doodle Champion Island Games
Woah, Google really made a "minigam"! Crap, it is a full realease game!
I suggest to immerse in it, do the trophy-tasks before doing the seven main minigame. The tasks create immersion, and even unlock different difficulties of the minigames.
Unfortunately there aren't unlockables for all areas, like the rugby game I found none, but for the table-tennis, and guitar hero ("syncronized swimming" in the game) had easy, normal and hard diffs. Marathon had normal and hard, so 2 diff there. Won't spoil the rest.

The best part of course are the clips of occasions. Too bad after collecting all the trophies there is no option to sail away and restart the game, so yu'll be stuck with 1 team, though I bet all 4 team basically have the same HQ.

twillight 25-08-2021 05:25 PM

Thought about playing BG again, on Legacy of Bhaal difficulty, with "what could be the official narrative" concept, as obviously that difficulty is not for solo.
Looked after what LoB actualy is, went through the hirelings, and decided against it.

Still got the narrative though.

So we know, we start alone, Imoen put on your neck at the start (tip: if you really want to be pure solo, kill Imoen in Candlekeep with 1 hit, immediately run to Gorion and talk yourself out of the castle. Perfect. She worth 20 exp, no rep-consequence).

We also know who ended up with the hero finishing BG1 and starting BG2: Imoen (of course), Jehaira with Khalid, Minsc and Dynaheir.

When starting the game (BG1) thus we instantly have Imoen, and in the same area is Xar and Montaron, or something. Definitely a mage and a thief, but the names are too similar (Xan vs Xar and so on). You NEED them, not as for party, but as meatshield. You go to the Friendly Arm Inn as Gorion instructed, to pick up Jaheria (obiously the official love-interrest for BG2) and Khalid. Problem is getting into the inn. Why is it a problem? Assassination-attempt. How is it a problem? You need at least 19 HP on a character to survive a magic missile this bounty hunter casts. The casting is too fast to interrupt, will definitely stay alive long enough to cast it with the mirror images (and fear), and it shoots 3 missiles, each can do 6 DMG apiece. So we can assume a character-death here.

Now we can find certain characters here-and-there, but they were obviously designed as extra companions just for a quest, like the dwarf looking for his caravan, or whoever is at the lighthouse lookng for a tome. So I don't care for those too much.

The next important station is Nashkel, where Jaheira and Khalid is heading. There we meet Edwin and Minsc, both going for Dynaheir. Hire both, rescue Dynaheir, kill Edwin.

There are a couple of other characters we know about, like Montaron's mage died in BG1 and stuff. And we have a list of characters we know stayed alive, so don't be too quickhanded.

But the point is, we actualy filled out quota for characters, so that's it for now. Moving on to BG2.

In BG 2 there is one single character we definitely must accept, and that is Yoshimo.
That leaves one free space in the party still. Well, technicaly two, as we know.

On the sidenote, we know that geneticaly the protagonist is half-god (no-race) half mother-side, this means half-elf never should have been an option.
Also, orignaly the mother of the protagonist when summoned by the solar was definitely human, and even EE extended this only to dwarf, halfling and elf, and not to gnome or orc. Female orcs again still do not exist in either version by skin and portrait.

twillight 09-09-2021 03:42 PM

Pillars of Eternity
Why is there no detailed guide for this?
Why can't you whenever spread your skillpoints?
Why can't you make popups disappear by rightclick?

So many questions.

A problem with the game is the lack of character motivation. Take the Big Three on contrary:
- Fallout 1 had the water-crisis.. Fallout 2 had a clear goal: get a GECK, or eventualy your village will die out. Fallout Tactics sent you eliminating some raiders, which led to the discovery of a new menace, and the story opened up like a flower.
- Baldur's Gate 1 had the motivation of immediate threat. Sure, aside that the protagonist lacked its own motivation, but the contacts gave their motivation to you, and you filled with urge grasped to straws at that point, so their motivation became your motivation. BG2 offered a CHOICE of motivations: get revenge on Irenicus, rescue your half-sister Imoen, or simply accept the situation and work with the shadow thieves lacking any other options.
- Planescape put you into such a weird situation you were happy to jump to conclusions and follow the instructions tattooed on your back!

But Pillars of Eternity give a character whose goal is to settle down, and be a farmer, or what. Point is the character wants anything but adventures.
So you start with a caravan, which stops at a very dangerous place, literaly only a couple of hours away from its goal, to look after WATER for you suffering some illness? Where's the logic and motivation in there?
Situation worsens when you throw away the waterflask you just aquired. Genious. Now do we need water or not? How is water such a commodity anyway?
Whatever, situation worsens: you are put to an open-map world. Which railroads you to your next destination, as the open world map is not open. Uhm.
Ye, you spot some cultists, but remember: it's not your buisness. They die immediately anyway. Pfff.
Then you get to your village. It's a shitty place, but whatever. You can not examine the corpse the game points at, but fortunately I decided to sleep here. No idea otherwise how the main story would have continued on.

Oh, here comes another problem: the lack of source of money! I want to spend my money, but that's somehow is not an option, given there is no source of income for tha game. Not that I can see anyway.
I'd need a reliable source of money, lockpicks, grappling hooks...

Even the order of areas related to quests do not make sense. There's a quest to find some midwife/witch/potion maker. And there's a quest to unlock the blacksmith-shop for trade (I assume). And there's the continuation of the main quest (which is another midwife, how lame). Obviously you'd like to get access the shop, but that's on the way towards the main quest!

Also, why none told me I'll need 4 athletics and 4 mechanics ASAP? Ok, 3 mechnaics if I'm ready to spend lockpicks. Too bad I have no idea how to replenish my lockpicks. Or how to sell my stuff!

Aside that, I was happy beating that bear in that cave without any real problem.

Oh, and it would have beenn ice if the destination-areas would have appeared on the map when the quests were given. Especialy as there are unrelated inaccessible locations on the map for some reason anyway.
The lack of lore-section in the manual doesn't help the situation either.

Capo 12-09-2021 03:18 PM

Ahaha you posts are always funny XD

-I think you completely missed the story of the game, are you skipping the dialogues?

-You want to be rich at the start of the game? Is never like that, you will have no money problems going ahead with the game

-You dont need any specific ability to progress into the game

-The map is quite simple: to unlock an area for fast travel you have to actually walk there. Big shock!

twillight 13-09-2021 12:43 PM


Originally Posted by Capo (Post 486306)
Ahaha you posts are always funny XD

-I think you completely missed the story of the game, are you skipping the dialogues?

-You want to be rich at the start of the game? Is never like that, you will have no money problems going ahead with the game

-You dont need any specific ability to progress into the game

-The map is quite simple: to unlock an area for fast travel you have to actually walk there. Big shock!

- No, I've not skipped the dialogue. YOU on the other hand likely did.

- I want services affordable. And I'm not just not rich, I don't see where riches will come from.

- you DO need specific abilities to unlock certain areas of the game. I'm a completionist.

- the map SHOULD be simple, but it does not service the player. Why are there places I've never even heared of? (And as told, i've checked the manual if there's a lore-section or something, and there isn't.) Why are places I know of (sent to) not on the map? And why I have to check all exits from a location to have all locations next to the current one get unlocked (stupid Baldur's Gate mechanic?
And given this looks like an open-world game, why the worldmap doesn't work as in a Fallout? I press a destination, and I don't have to unlock jack shit! Crap, this isn't even Might and Magic, where you had a clearly full map to walk across in any direction. Here the limit of walking is arbitrary. Why the heck can't I go west? Or north? Or west when out of the imploding cave?

+ come to think of it, when will the game start, when will I get out of the Tutorial Area? Bloody Stronghold has its own menu-button from the start, but there's no spoon, I mean stronghold. If the button would not be there it'd be fine, but this...

twillight 08-11-2021 06:39 PM

I would literaly cry if I coul
I had the demo, but there was no way me figuring out on what disc it was, and never seen it resurface anything, and no matter how hard I searched Neon Green/Blue Zombie Adventure Game, no luck. It burned in my mind who knows how long, because even the barely-any-length demo, I thought it was funny, and just the puzzles an adventure-game would need.

twillight 09-11-2021 12:57 PM

Ancient Enemy
Well, this is Solitaire.
It is a bit... Unchiselled, if you ask me. It feels... a bit too easy to win, given they gave it stakes, a story for frame and everything. And it is not simply that, it is more of the problem you can get too high combos too easily, while you must get them to get top score, and the same time ther simply isn't enough card on the field, AND I think they are static, so what the shop offers to buy can easily be optimalised what to buy, AND maybe it's just me, but I get waaay too many resources to buy stuff from the shop.

On the other hand, solitaire is a good game, this offers two versions of it (clear the field and defeat enemies), and it has enoughn uances to make you think (power-gathering to buy stuff from the shop, creating combos, unlocking stuff on the fields, activating your cards etc.).

I'd like to see though where defense is equal to offense, but it is not, despite skill-tree existing for it. The "problem" of cours eis the "win the stage for 3 stars" system, which is measured by turns spent, and every turn spend on the defense is one turn not defeating the opponent :sick:
But that's really a minor thing, and this is an improvement on solitaire, so pretty good casual game. And it tends to be discounted to like half price, which definitely worth it.

On the sidenote, a limitation on the would be required, because you CAN stuck up on them, indefinitely, on any difficulty, and that's... That's instant win whenever you want.
It's not THAT serious though, I spend them regularly to get top-score. Still accumlated like 7 the same time, but average I run like 5 mid-game. Early game it was perfectly balanced to make you consider wether they worth the investment. But at some point I truly got overflown a bit with these, so I've spent.

Oh, be careful on the consumables (meaning Gear-cards). You can easily pick such that cause damage the enemy is immun to. Ye, that factor is actualy very good here, the resists, and the magic/phyiscal damage they can cause. Trains you to pay attention. Like a good solitaire should.

It has its sister-game, Shadowhand, where some pirate-girl does girly-stuff or something. It looks a bit more complex (marginaly, it is still solitaire), but heared the random is pretty though there on the later levels (aka. unfair as F).

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