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twillight 10-01-2021 01:10 PM

Cat Quest 1
Aside that this would have been a flash-game (where you'd not move freely on the world map probably), this is an excellent game, especialy with the discount GoG gave it on (it was enough to consider CQ2 too along it, because after a quick try, the game proved fun).

You don't get the random-generated nonsense called "rogulelike", you get a proper game designed heartfully for your money here.
The dungeon-designs are realy working. Placement of monsters, placement of treasures, traps, hidden loot, dynamics, positions are all considered when the game was made.
The only thing you could argue here is all dungeons are "clear'em all" tasks, but with their design its a realy minor issue.
You also can clear dungeons thrice: once for clearing the monsters, second to grab all chests (hidden ones can be a task of their own, but the system is well-introduced), then maybe third time later a quest will send you in to clear the place again.

The game introduces its features, world and difficulty very intuitively. The white arrow pointing to your next objective looked annyoingly in-yo-face at first, but it works, especialy as you realise, quests lead you to the next area to visit, next quest to pick up by difficulty.

The core main quest can be steamrolled through in 40-45 minutes if you are very good at what you are doing and have gear (Furry Armored), but if you exp/gear up, it takes 8 to 10 hours depending of your choice in difficulty.

Because it has an additional mode "Mew Game" where you can set additional properties: no exp, no gear, only 9 lives, stronger monsters, and keep all gear + equipment.
For these you can unlock an extra gear, the Old Masters Set, and for hardcore players you can get them repeatedly for maximum effect (ilvl 99), and you'll be able to use them if you contine a New(+) game, which is not to be confused with the Mew Game (I should try Mew Game too to check if you get the gear there too if you continue playing like in Fallout).

And all this builds up to introduce you to hardcore gaming, where you never get hit (or only very few times), as for the 3rd part of the Old Masters Set (you play as a cat, who could be the Old Masters?) you realy have to play attention with no gear (or no exp, depending on what you prefer, but no gear is safer, and has open limits) and only 9 lives.
The stronger monsters part is not that influencing, it's even welcomed, monsters on the overworld giving you plentyful exp.
Obviously you get badges to try out all modes.

Oh, and I spell it out for the minmaxers: the protagonist is a half-cat/half-dragon being (it's a cool story bro, discover yourself), so you have no excuse not to play this :shifty:

twillight 30-01-2021 07:04 PM

Monkey Island 5 (GoG): I wish I had this game before, because it actualy looks fun. Ok, not at the quality of the first three games, but way above Escape...
The problem: the game's speed is connected to the CPU-speed, what means on modern computers the game is sickeningly fast. It's not unplayable like the original Fallout 2's realse's world-map traveling, but it caused me unfomfort.

Alien Earth (GoG): You wander around, crafting stuff (weapons and puzzle solution), and has a generaly attractive B-movie wibe.
The problem: you have no real idea what you are doing, the respawn-mechanics are unclear, certain things seem obvious to do but you can't (taking a lit lamp), other things are moon logic (for giving the bunny to the mad man is no clue), there's no keyboard layout/controls menu. Also, if you hit the wrong button, the game will freeze. Allegedly you can save the game at beds, but who knows. The game also will freeze if you ever try to change window, so just don't. Also have no idea how to quit properly. The freeze only went away from me by pressing ctrl+alt+del and signing out.

Cat Quest 2: very similar to Cat Quest 1, but the story is weaker, I don't feel why or how I am part of the story I mean. While for the first game you had a clear motivation, in the second installment people TELL you things are bad, but the game does NOT SHOW it to be that way, and to be honest for this the protagonist duo seem to be murder hobos.
Noticable change in mechanics is, you get 2 character (practicaly double HP for single players), and mana is gained by time, not by meleeing enemies. Unfortunately all clothes seem to fit on both characters, and yet to find out how they differ by abilities. (I'm at an early stage with this.)

twillight 14-03-2021 05:33 PM

It's one of the free games on GoG, and is a point&click adventure-game.

It has a clunky learning curve, ti. nothing is explained what the controls are.
Also, the first room's puzzles are TIMED EVENTS, and that never comes into play later, is unusual in the genre, thus makes you probably quit before leaving the first room.

The puzzles are at best moon-logic, or maybe require specilasized knowledge, like the photo-development puzzle in Shadow of the Comet, which can only be solved if you know how to develop analog photos in a lab.
There are also a lot of red herrings, or unused props.

Then the story. the story on paper is fine, though a bursting animation would have been more adequate. The details which realy fails this one. Story-pieces just left behind and in nonsense.
Never turns out how you got in the facility, what was the conract that put you there, what's your complaint, why was the crew all fucking each other, how they developed that religion-business, who is Cayne, wassis deal, where did "Samantha" come from, why is everyone a perv...

Capo 15-03-2021 06:07 PM

Cayne is the prequel of Stasis, thats why you dont get the story

twillight 30-03-2021 03:55 PM


Originally Posted by Capo (Post 485838)
Cayne is the prequel of Stasis, thats why you dont get the story

Lame excuse.

twillight 24-05-2021 02:13 PM

Just some quick notes on games I regretted buying
Book of Demons: This is actualy a very very nice game which I very very liked - until I found out the pre-order option, which says it is for all, but is actualy just for Steam, and as that has a ridiculously low price, I obviouslyrefuse to pay more just for playing on GoG, so I just abandoned the whole thing for unethical business-practice.

Tonight we riot: it is boring. You should get immersion to some anti-capitalist, pro-communist feeling, but the game simply has no content to provide you. It's mindless point&click, and you don't even get proper controls over your team. And it is ridiculously hard to figure out what the levels expect you to do to get those pesky buffs (extra items). And to pick the item you want is a pin too.

Jagged Aliance Rage: it should have lernt from Fallout Tactics and make turn-based actions optional. Or at least do UFO-style, and only force you to turn-based when the enemy can see you.
Otherwise I like the look of it, and the character designs.
Too bad it feeds on memory, and on top of it I tried to plug in a controller, and it not just did not work, but I could not revert back to mouse wither, so fuck this.

Cayne: it's semi-ok point&click adventure/horror game, but beats me what actualy happens in it. And I won't buy some other game just to learn that.

Contra: this game just fucks you in the ass. The enemy spawns inside the screen taking away reation-time. And it tend to respawn. And has a good chunk of randomizer on 'em. And there is not infinite continue. So ye, I see why this was hard, and I say it is not good.

Castlevania 1: this game is boring. And frustrating. The frustrating part is simply the medusa-heads. Just take those out of the game. Oh, than it isn't ven hard anymore? Well, not my business.

Warhammer: Chaosbane: look, I know this isn't supposed to be the greatest thing ever. I just wanned some Diablo-clone not involved Blizzard. I double-chacked, and I have the requirements for it. It lags. Pure and simple, it is insufferable. Sure, if I had some nifty high-end videocard, it'd be good, but this is just next level bullshit.


I did not regret this, but...

Anvil of Dawn
Well, now I could play it. Turns out, the black female is the character to go. The stats are just great. Either way, the problem is, with the GoG-version I could not backtrack to check the other passage after the branching-part, and the game is simply not that interresting - and after a point is very boring becuase you just cakewalk it.
It's not a bad game if you can tolerate the combat-system, but it doesn't offer much aside that combat system, which is: cast a spell, stand around 10 minutes to regain mana, go to the next enemy.
And magic is still was faster and effective than melee, because in melee you'll hit air too many times, and your damage will just remain in the D10, D12 range, while your spells will do 100 reliably.

twillight 25-05-2021 02:25 PM

Pokemon Red with only a Hitmonchan
So, I've reinstalled the game on my neu computer, and created the same character.
Player: Johny C.
Hitmonchan: HitMeHard
Rival: Jackash

Reached Cerulean City at clvl 25, and done the place without problem.

I also decided to run a solo Jynx, the old blackface... sorry, prupleface character if you are uncomfortable the japanese culture.
The protagonist will be Cheapskate, because won't buy anything if possible. The rival will be Protege.

twillight 11-06-2021 08:46 PM

I almost bought some games..
...but fortunately noticed they don't have win 10 support!
So ye, sure, GoG does sell titles like Sacred, Arcanum and such - BUT what's the use of it if they don't run under win10?

With this effort I could buy Might and Magic 9, which is an unfinishedly released game, but that as bare minimum would work... After you install like a million fan-made patch... Still.

Not that I have much time to play though, as all my free time is consumed reading (the pretty horrible) Wheel of Time books.


Aside these, I'll mention 4 games on my "to be played" list:

- Bastion: this is a fun hack&slash, somewhat-platforming game, nice graphic, good story, good music. Why I don't play it too much? There is this design-flow that you can not-pick-up items, like and especialy weapons.
Ad if you don't pick them up, you can't go back to try it again.
But there's no achievement or something to leave them behind. So what's the point of this whole situation if not design-flow?

- Dark Quest 2: I'd play the heck out of this, one problem though: you can re-play the tutorial-level. Ad infinitum. When you do, EVERYTHING respawns. Not just the consumables to keep you alive, not just the enemy (so the level has a point), but the extra skillpoints too!
It should actualy work like every time you replay, the monsters get tougher. But if you simply cancel the quest you jump back to the beggining, WITH all the loots (including skillpoints, money, all what you bought on the money at the hub etc.), and then ... just where's the challenge?

-Book of Demons: I love this game to be honest. Problem? THere'll be a bunch of continuation, and extras, and it's dirt-cheap for Steam, AND they said the package is for ALL PLATFORMS. GoG is a platform too, but somehow the only platform actualy is Steam this piece of garbage pplies.
So I boycot the game.

- Monster Train: Despite too many times failing to the random, I'd play this... If I'd manage to find a stable job, get married, have children. Perfect casual satisfaction. But aside that it does not have some world-shaking grand story or anything, so...

Next time: more games from my TBP list!

Capo 12-06-2021 05:05 PM

In Bastion you can pick up weapons :headslap:

twillight 14-06-2021 11:24 AM


Originally Posted by Capo (Post 486195)
In Bastion you can pick up weapons :headslap:

But you don't have to.
And if you do, you no longer can.
That is an issue that should have been adressed, with all the minigames (with rewards) relying on grabbing said weapons.


Let's include then some more games from my TBP-list:

- Mary Skelters: it's some dungeon-crawling thingy, that genre combined with japanese games, aka tons of tons of dialogues. Dialogues without iintroduction.
Look, the game is nice, and is probably good to play, but I'd realy need to be teached how to play the foker, and the tons of talk just gets in my way, especialy if I have to do romance-stuff.
I have this up, passed the tutorial, but I'm considering uninstalling it, and reinstalling it maybe never, because I just wanned to open door, kill monster, grab loot.

- The house of fata morgana: with Wheel of Time on my hand, this "interactive novel" is very down on my list.

- Worms 2: Ye, it's a bit complicated to start, whatever. My problem is the same when I've played the CD version: I just stop at one point, not getting enough feedback of achievement. Maybe if I shouldn't start from the menu every single level, or some cutscene, or literaly anything more inclusive, I'd play the heck out of it.

- Children of Morta: Let's fiish this post on an upbeat tone. I love this game, though its difficulty-curve is nonsense. To start the thing is already an achievement itself, as you get characters both too slowly and too fast at the start, then developing them to any half-decent level is a torture.
Then there is your usual shitty feature: bonus exp/gold skills. So that halts your development again.
Then you want your very first character to "max" level (I mean skill-unlocking max requirement level), and that'll take a whiel... But is pretty much inevitable as that gives the absolute best thing in the game for every one of your characters: regeneration. Ye, this makes things a stand-around-simulator from the '90s, but believe me, you'll need that, especialy if you play on Hard (or as I plan on Insane) difficulty.
THEN there is yet another halt, the part the monsters hostage Mary, an NPC. There all normal levels are cut off, and with that all development aside exp is cut off too, as the special rescue-level has no resources. So never ever finish the first level of the second town, or you'll be screwed!

Still, if you get past the restrictive parts, this game is a very godd hack&slash with interresting character-abilities and powerups, and a fun world.
Town 3 could be better - and with the released new mode it actualy is with more enemies added to the few act 3 randos, making that city alive too.

So while there are some desig-flaws, and the start of the game is a slog, it's really starts to be fun if you get past that, worth your efforts.
It'd totaly deserve some good articles about it to hype it up - but you know, journalists don't have time or effort to reach past the pesky part, that's why you don't design the beggining of the game this way.

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