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Smiling Spectre 15-01-2013 05:41 AM


Originally Posted by twillight (Post 448711)
Dang, there are only 3 type of games... 1 type of games currently in shops if you ask me, only differing in weapons:

Oh, come on, you are too general. :D I hardly can see how WoW and PoP are "similar" to you, but, oh well, there are much more games on market. Did you ever visited Steam? :) X3, Civilization 5, Magic Crystal, Nancy Drew and Amnesia hardly will fit your description, to name several ones. :)

yoga 15-01-2013 07:50 PM

Angry yoga

Originally Posted by twillight (Post 448711)
What is BoK?

And no, just a couple of famous ones. Not to mention all current game uses Unreal engine, so I'm unable to play them, due to virtual reality sickness.

Dang, there are only 3 type of games... 1 type of games currently in shops if you ask me, only differing in weapons:
- World of Warcraft: big manga-swords with occasional magic. Your character can WALK.
- Fallout 3: the above with guns.
- Prince of Persia Sands of Time: the above, but your character jumps with impossible moves in slow motion.

Ok, as MMO there is Sim City (in 3D again of course), but that's hardly any variety.

Huh, I remember mastering this game back then when I only had the demo, but now I can hardly proceed on Normal!
Ok, this is now the full version, and instead of like 5 levels from the early stages I have all the 27, but come on, the last 2-3 levels (I'm on 21 currently) was really pushing me to my limits. It'll be a wonder if I can finish this.
Until now (thx to saving whenever possible) I only lost life once (and gained it back via a bonus), so I still have some hope.

BaK = Betrayal at Krondor
(The best RPG for me.)

So sorry!
Can You imagine my misfortune, mates?
Poor, pooooooooooor yoga!

I just received my dream - the new Kindle 4.
I am trembling and starving to start this device with my new BG and Russian e-books (from BG Chitanka and Russian Flibusta sites)
..i just entered my lovely site AB when...
a new 100-pages project is landing on my deck now!!!
I want to take AK-47 with 10 bullet loaders and .....

Yes, I am crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At least 7 days out....


twillight 15-01-2013 10:56 PM


Originally Posted by yoga (Post 448731)
BaK = Betrayal at Krondor
(The best RPG for me.)

Can You imagine my misfortune, mates?
a new 100-pages project is landing on my deck now!!!

At least 7 days out....


We all wish you the best dear yoga.
Until that I'll peek on that Kotor... or what. We won't betray you!

Betrayal at Krondor
Ugh, what to say? I know perfectly well what to say. This was probably a very innovating program of its era. Too bad like many game what was attracting when it came out it just scares away anyone who never played it before. Like the original Heroes of Might and Magic compared to the other parts of the series.
It look ugly - something what is not comfortable, but what you can get accustomed to. But the same time it works slowly and the controls are uncomfortable.

This game is practically has Might and Magic 6's gameplay before the engine actually worked. I mean for example characters in this game take 'steps", 'cause the engine could only handle hexagonals that way. But for a current-day player it is just "laggy".

The character-developement part comes streight from Quest for Glory series. So it is probably good.
Too bad a) you don't know which is your main character b) the intro's background story doesn't make sense (probably 'cause it takes pages of 1, 11 and 111 from its fictional source), c) probably there's no warning on character-changes d) it should be at least mentioned in any review of the game weapons get damaged by time and ammo is not infinite with bows e) the graphic of spells is although very eye-catching imeditally suggest you'll have trouble without a manual.

All in all despite not being a bad game, I don't suggest this to anyone, sry.

twillight 18-01-2013 12:39 PM

The Fifth Disciple

This game is so lol. It was great fun for me, though it is not really a ... it ... Oh, just I tell you.

This is a ... cRPG so to say, as there is character development, and it would be rude to call it an adventure game just for its interface, or action game for its slowness.
Well, it is instead a strategy game if we consider the battle mechanic's similarity to Disciple 2.

The fights are exchanged with adventure-puzzles... technically ... as almost none of the puzzles makes any sense. Fortunately for dedicated people there are only a limited combination of stuff, so theoretically it is possible to pass the game w/o a walkthrough... although beat me why would anyone do it.

The graphic on the other hand is passing. The atmospehere is what brings this on its shoulder. It has a complex background-story (the actual game is pretty streightforward), maybe even too detailed to only have it during cinematics.

It has also the design-failure demanding a lot of abilities on certain levels, namely:
fireball lvl 5, teleport lvl 3, illusion lvl 4, magic shield lvl 2, fastness lvl 2. I also found lvl 5 golem (best summon) and lvl 5 control a must. Other skills provided great benefit were Deathlink and Manadrain.

Oh well, I stop babble about this. To end: this game isn't great. But solid on its own right.


And another classy flash game. I always wanned to do it for one go, and finally just found enough time.
Took a marathon 5 hour to beat this mining-game (with an interresting bossfight).
It gives me satisfaction, 'cause its savegame system, what although saves your stats and equipment, but do not saves the map, or the spent time, what gives on one side some annoyance (digging down requires lot of time) and on the other an unfair advantage to those who save after collecting a bloody hugh amount of money.
On the funny side the game has certain bonuses "hidden" on the map which give some instant cash. That's ok as someone always looks for rarity, but consider this: you dig out some dinosaur bones. Ye, right dinosaurs are fossils thus ready to be digged out - but we are on the bloody MARS! Pirate Treasure Chests could be hidden by the little green martians at least XD

twillight 24-01-2013 07:31 PM

Cursed Treasure

This is the flash-version of the Dungeon Keeper. You are the "evil warlord" who stores treasure in his/her fortress, and the "good adventurers" come and try to steal it.

The gameplay was changed to a Tower Defense mechanics.

It is very easy to use, and has more then basic graphic.

The gameplay is good, sadly the concept behind the game ruins the experience. I mean there are no achievements for starter. That was although inserted in the expansion pack (Cursed Treasure Level Pack), but that ... thing suffers from boring maps.
What the original lacks beside the achievement system is the challenge overall. I mean it'd be challenging and tough to think out a strategy IF you wouldn't be able to level up infinitly (at least until maxing out all skills). Dang, that way is what is even encouraged by the developers (from all forums of the game all "do it in lowest level" efficiency comments were removed, and a "max everything playthrough" is provided instead).

Anyway, just to see if you can achieve "Briliant" score for all level it worth trying, although the skill-developement for that seems pretty streightforward. To be able to do the first 5 levels you need maximum pool of mana. For the 6-10 levels you need cheapest + strongest meteor spell. Seems that a highly buffed damage-tower (what means either the last skill from green or red) is also a must (so it'll be red).
For 11th and 13th level you'll have to buy max. freezing + max. fear for blue towers. Without freeze you'll have absolutely no chance winning Briliant score for the "hard" maps.
For the remaining levels it seems you'll need more money and/or cheaper woodcutting spell.
It is rumored the very last boss is only defeatable if you have max. meteor and can supply to with mana from building red towers.
Well, that's my hints for you:max:

twillight 27-01-2013 01:47 PM

Zax the alkien hunter

I'm finaly at the end.

You can assemble an alien weapon: Heavy Barel. It is the energy-equivalent of the Rocket Launcher. Eats a lot, and pretty self-dangerous, but very effective (oneshots everything but the power armor bots). Fortunately it is almost unavoidable to get.
There is no crystal at the area to bring you back to your ship, so be cautious with your health.

The final area. Right at the start is a crystal, and a while later is another crystal. Use it to fill up all your weapons, even your shield!

These last areas are especially hard as they contain a lot of narrow areas and only the strongest robots. So each and every pod will be your enemy instead helping you resupply.
On Hard Difficult (remember, I play that currently) some situations are almost unsolvable, so saving every step is recommended. There are "puzzles" meaning if you open a certain door a certain pod will activate and such. This mean more saving and reloading. The map, the pods and number of heavy bots against you means it is a ~puzzle" to choose the right weapon at the right situation (at least in Hard Mode).

Now I go and try to kill the final boss.

EDIT: maximum medical kit: 15
herbal bags you find during the game: 6 (heals less then medic kit)

twillight 31-01-2013 06:35 PM


I will forever preserve this game, and now I've done my old-old dream of the "not a scratch" playthrough! None of my team member EVER suffered any (non-story related) damage.
I played all battles, and hired all characters.

With the new computer some compatibility-issue happend, but I managed to break through that. The new hardware was strong enough to prevent the all-so-famous battle with the succubis crashing the game.

Sadly the only known other bug remained, where if you cause damage with a bomb AND the same time you blew up a barrel (intending to cause even more damage), the game still crashes. Not that this'd matter too much, as it is unnecessary, and only one time the situation can arise.

Anyway, if you read this I repeat: I won the game without any of my party ever got hurt!

twillight 03-02-2013 02:19 PM

Dungeons of Dredmoor

Man, this game'd deserve it's own active topic so much!

It is basically a modern version of Dungeon Hack in the sense it is a totally randomised dungeon-crawling experience.

It has some important differences though.
First: at the start you can't switch too many things. You can only set the difficulty and wether you want to go with the original setting of "until first death", or you allow yourself a reload (I THINK it is a reload, as I did not try that).

This "hardcore" basic setting is really exciting, although sometimes very dangerous, but really adds to the game's tactical aspect, as it works in a turn based system.

The other, and most obvious difference is: there is The Major Villain! You don't meet much background story or lore, but it means heaven and earth.

Not that there wouldn't be a ton of ingame description and joke. There is. Although 99% of the time you don't bother with them. But as the game is quite hugh despite its simplicity, you'll most probably meet with them anyway. For example one of the skill-tree is copied from the original Diablo's first boss: The Butcher.

About skills: the game offers something for everyone, and they're quite balanced. There are overcomplicated skills like Necronomiconomicon, or vampirism (designed from the twilight saga, hey, why else would it have the skill "sparkling", eh?), or the very streightforward weapon skills.

Currently I try my luck with a very simple build:
- mace: originally I tried axes, but I realised I can separate monsters from each other, what is even pretty much advisable. The most easy way to die is to suffer a couple of critical hits in a row. And while swords offer some additional damage, maces can offer some extra distance. After gaining shoplifting I put a point here, as that means a difference of life and death from level 2.
- two weapons: if you ask me the best defense is offense. At least in current day games finding strong defensive equipments (in this case shields) is doubtfull. Oh, and even without a single spent skillpoint it functions well: full damage when you hold two weapons instead using a shield.
- burglary: this gives unlimited lockpicks what mean exp. To be honest I'm not sure what happens if you run out of lockpicks, what is a possible threat in a randomised game. I think you can kick doors open, but I'm not sure about locked chests (what means items). Gaining "five finger discount" skill in this tree right at the start (go down to level 2 as soon as possible 'cause shops are rarer there and the exp is more) means more chance stealing something good from the shops. Also the "ninja vanish" is a pretty awesome escape ability.
- mathemagics: pretty much my only magic skill currently. The main reason I chose this is the initial teleport ability: it places you random location, but it is a teleport (there are some "island" locations), and is a last resort cheap escape skill (it even brings you through walls). The other abilities it offers are also all handy.
- assassination: I chose this mainly for its passive bonuses, as most skills here provide that. Also gives more stunning ability, so it combines very well with maces.
- berserker rage: even more damage without the need of thinking. Also offers a hugh bonus to a magic resistance, what can come in handy at a certain point I'm sure.
- big game hunter: well, this was pretty much a spacefiller skill of choice. It provides some extra exp, some extra hp, tons of hit chance, and even a summoning skill what don't depend on some stupid magic skill

Appart the skill-developement of the game there is another cRPG aspect of it, namely how you get your items.
One choice is to get every coin you get and buy in the local shop's random offers. If anything I sell the traps I picked up here 'cause if I lay it down, unlike other items, they disappear (theoretically "used up" on some out of screen random monster).
The second is to get one or more of the crafting skill. The problem with that is, you need to invest a lot of levelup reward (aka. skillpoint) to rise them to the necessary level. Not to mention you'll have to find the necessary ingredients (I saw sometimes 1 ingredient in a recipe can count more then one time, but possibly it just appears so and not works that way), AND finaly you have to find the recipes for it (the "secret" recipes are much better options). Yes, you can't use some metaknowledge for the best recipes. Currently I'm not into this option, but I see it can be pretty good. And oh yeah, this game offers that many items like in an Ultima game (but the areas are much more compound, so no trouble there).
There is a third option too. There is an item "Lutefisk horadric cube" or what, what you can exchange at Lutefisk altairs for possible items. Here comes the tricky part: the item of course will be random, AND you can't quit without saving. BUT There is an autosave too. So what you should do is to wait until an autosave happens when you're around the statue, THEN go and exchange your sacrifise. If it isn't anything usable save&quit, and reload the autosave to try again.
The last thing here to mention is an enchanting anvil you find like 2 per level. It can give a random attribute to the item you place on it. Can be either good or bad. So play the same trick here again.

Lutefisk is a food what gives 1 hp otherwise. There are all kind of hidden effects for all kinds of items (to be honest magic wands and mushrooms are not even told what they do).

So bottom's up, what one of the three expansions this games offers 15 levels of dungeon crawling, and this time I like it! At every turn watch your health, and don't be afraid to run away! Climb back to a higher level to heal (if you're not a vampire you gain back hp by time), and descend via another stairway if you have to:smugulon:

twillight 03-02-2013 11:36 PM

Just some quick levelguide to the above game:

Level1: pretty streightforward. The real dangers are some unique to this level monsters, like Unfriendly AI. If you have the buglary skill it really worth to try to not find shops until you have the 5-finger discount, I just "stole" an 8* weapon ("stolen" items from store are randomly generated in the inventory unlike from vending machines).
Also: it is possible you get an impossible start where there are too many monsters in the first room. This is independent from your skill choice.

lutefisk tithe: maximum 3 star weapons, or 1 star for anything else. I wish I'd have preserve that crossbow getting damage reduction... But couldn't re-roll it again (and I left the game alone for whatever and the autosave overwrote itself with that time's current item)

subquests of inqonsequentia: the target locations/monsters are always marked on the minimap for the quest's duration

inside the wall: sometimes you can see unroofed areas totally sorrounded by walls. Those are valid location, but only reachable by breaking down walls, or the random teleportation of mathemagics (fat chance...). There MIGHT be an item what is determined by the map-level you are on.

Level 2: the uniqueness here is a "zoo", an area filled with monsters and coloured on the minimap. You have a chance to close its door if you find it too early. Seems if you kill all things from here you get a quest-reward (item).
The other potentially lethal thing is when mumies cast some purple fog effect. It is rare to cast, and placed at random location. If it is combined with a "haywire" effect (critical success for spells) in every turn it damages like 30 hp. Just telling.

lutefisk tithe: maximum 6 star weapons or 3 star anything else (in extreme cases maybe 4)

Level 3: the potential danger here is the size of the local zoo. You simply have to run back and rest while doing nothing, as they are so many you can easily run out of supply and they'll still coming.
The other threat here is also related to the zoo. If a bunch of octopus grouped together it is very hard to dispose them as they all have ranged attack and won't chase you around (instead they are moving random). So you either have to be very patient and wait until 1-2 separates from the mob, or get the Hunter's Lure skill (in case you are without ranged attack).
Oh, and do not stand in goo.

lutefisk tithe: weapons 6 stars (in extreme cases 8), anything else 4 stars (in extreme cases 6)

level 4: No good game is without error. Well, first, this level is nothing exciting finally. Really, quite calm. Bad news is: I saw my first magic golem. What's a magic golem? One of the few monsters (and a trap, so I'll have to pay attentiion) what destroys your equipment! If they get into melee range! No wonder all builds I've found on the net are all spellcaster (= ranged) builds it seems...

lutefisk tithe: weapons: 7 stars, anything else 5 stars
But in the shops I saw an only craftable (so you can't find it laying on the ground or get from lutefisk) 10 star mace... I sooo want it... But it is costy. I have 45K coin... And it demands 75K!

twillight 09-03-2013 09:30 PM

Meh, this part of the "Sinjid" series should have a second part of its title too, as this is the 3rd installment of the series (and probably the final part), made by the famous flash-programmer Krinn.

It is a good game, preserving the feeling of the series, which all three parts had a somewhat different interface, the first being a simply arena-game, the second a little walkaround sorrounding (and just for the hack of it this was called Arena).
This third is a "go from left to right", and is a real realtime action fighting design, like some old Stree Fighter series.

The graphic is nice, and the music-program is a new design implementing random parts mixing. Works ok, although I doubt anyone would care for the actual music here as it works really just a simple background thingy. At least it isn't something you'd automaticly look up how to turn off.

The abilities and their animations are ok. The best thing is, they are distinguishable from each other, what IS a good thing.

There are 4 classes, 1 being premium content. They are quit balanced, what is very surprising. I don't know when I saw last a game where the factions were made balanced in strength and capability.
Shops, money and items are pretty acceptably made too, you don't feel shops are out of reach or demand zounds of grinding in case you have to rely on them, what doesn't occur too many times, but amongst the latest items you always find something worth to add to what you found on field. So it is quit good.

The only problematic thing is 1) the "hidden" chests contain equipment not worthy for each class 2) the priest class what works heavily by focus is both slow because replenishing mana (called focus in game) is not as easy by food as health, and on hard difficulty where I tried out it is very hard to work out a priestly build what actually works (without grinding way above the naturally expected level).

The game won't be a thing we'll remember after years, but is very solid, and a promising prelude to Sonny 3.

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