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shivambhatele 30-04-2020 09:49 AM

Which programming is best for game development
Hello Everyone, I am new here and I want to build the high loaded game application and I am confused about which programming language is better in terms of performance and capability between c++ vs c#. I know about C++ is flexible, I can code anything, the compiler doesn’t generate warnings unless syntax is incorrect some but I don't know about c# programming. Can anyone suggest me which is better?

zirkoni 03-05-2020 01:09 PM

C# + C++ = Beef:

C++ almost definitely has better performance in most cases but if you're not making a Triple-A game with lifelike graphics and sophisticated AI then the difference probably doesn't matter (except maybe if you target some very low-end devices).

I'd say just pick whichever you like best. And maybe also look into what kind of libraries the languages have for game development purposes (graphics, sound, etc).

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