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Ranger141 22-02-2013 10:18 AM

Return to Jurassic
Dear Abandonia

Please would you upload the game called "Return to Jurassic" it was published by Ednovation which also links to the game "Secrets of the Pyramids" and the character guy "Harold Peabody" (adventure guy)

This game is about explore the dinosaurs using travel back device from the pass. Its all clicking using the mouse. It runs on PC

Thank You

Ranger141 22-02-2013 05:53 PM

Return to Jurassic by Ednovation PC Game
The last time I have played this game was back in 2003.

This game "Return to Jurassic" was published by Ednovation 1995. Its an education game with puzzles. Its a point and click adventure game. You are controlling the adventure guy name "Harold Peabody". You pick up the objects thats lying around the ground. During exploring the dinosaurs scene, you will get to point and click using your mouse of which direction you want to go. If you click the wrong direction... Harold Peabody will get himself in danger and death.

"Return to the Jurassic Period with Harold Peabody to find out about dinosaurs so that Dinosaur Park can be saved" accroding to

It runs on CD

Here are the specs as follows

Title from disc. For both Mac, and, IMB systems.
Description: 1 computer optical disc : sd., col. ; 4 3/4 in. + user's manual (14 p.)
Details: System requirements: for Mac: Mac II series, LC series, Centris series, Performa series, Quadra series; system 6.0.7 or higher ; 4 MB RAM or higher; 12 inch monitor or larger; 256 colors. For PC: IBM PC or compatible (MPC II or faster rec.); Windows 3.1 or later; DOS 5.1 or later; Sound blaster compatible sound board; Super VGA video adapter (640 x 480, 256 colors); 4 MB RAM or greater; Hard disk with at least 5MB free space; Mouse.

Please if anyone have this game so that the person uploads the game can pass on to the next generations. Or does anyone recognise the game.

Cluseck 22-02-2013 08:14 PM

The publisher is not an ESA member.
Haven't found any buylinks.

I think we can label the game as 'approved'. Can anyone confirm that?

ashashash 25-09-2014 07:39 AM

Yes! Please upload this! I've been looking for this for so long along with a few other people. Since "secret of the pyramids" is uploaded, this should be ok too.

Thanks a lot!

Kent889 18-02-2016 05:05 AM

Hey All,

Apologies for resurrecting an old thread. But I too am looking for this game, having never managed to finish it when I played it as a child back in the mid 90s.

I e-mailed Ednovation directly to inquire as to whether it is possible to obtain a copy of this game. I was willing to pay for it but they have apologized, i.e. they don't have it at all, anywhere.

I think it's safe to say that it's fine for anyone to upload it. So here's a shout out to anyone who has it lying around...

PLEASE upload! :)


arete 18-02-2016 12:54 PM

Oooh, I'd like to play it myself. Maybe one of our ISO Cellar gurus has it?

Kent889 18-02-2016 06:39 PM


Originally Posted by arete (Post 464883)
Oooh, I'd like to play it myself. Maybe one of our ISO Cellar gurus has it?

Cheers mate!

But how do we get their attention?:mhh:

arete 18-02-2016 08:10 PM

Hopefully they'll see this very thread...

Kent889 18-02-2016 08:41 PM


Originally Posted by arete (Post 464887)
Hopefully they'll see this very thread...

Hopefully, i have one fond memory of harold peabody being devoured by a pinkish python that came from behind a rock and then some scary music played lol

Philipk 29-03-2018 03:22 PM

Have the CD but canít play
Any idea how to run the game or even upload it? I found the CD but unable to run it on my laptop. Here is a photo as proof:

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