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twillight 29-08-2022 07:31 PM

Lovecraft's Untold Stories
From a review: "There is a reason why these stories were untold."


twillight 02-09-2022 03:25 PM

Immortal Redneck
Some kinda FPS, what means I can't play it.

twillight 29-09-2022 03:18 PM

Master of Magic Classic
Doesn't look very impressive, and a video would actualy help wth this is about.

twillight 27-10-2022 07:26 PM

Genesis Alpha One Deluxe Edition
Call it "Deluxe Edition", it is just one more generic FPS from the conveyor belt.

Give me Nox finaly.
Put the new Monkey Island in the shop.
Not this.

twillight 31-10-2022 05:49 PM

Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Collection
Oh, the terrible neon colours!

Kelbert 03-11-2022 08:59 AM

Cool - thanks!

twillight 28-11-2022 10:30 PM

Keeping track
So, there was while abandonia was under maintenance giveway for Terroir. A game so unworthy-looking, I didn't even claim it.

I'm still putting it here for archive-reasons, and to put here a more important news:

After me whining on GoG for them not even announcing a Game Of The Decade, namely Return To Monkey Island, they "somehow" asap put it on "soon", and it is now already out there!
Double good news, the initial discount will remain the 5th of December, which means a lot of people will get their paycheck in time to buy it at the last minute!

twillight 06-12-2022 09:37 PM

Knights of Honor II - Goodie Pack
Well, it's a goodie-pack. I'd like these in theory, only if they would have something good-looking. Or music. Or something worth the space.

twillight 13-12-2022 09:23 AM

Ghost of a Tale
This is something I wanned to try. the reviews are not very encouraging, but I assume it is some Myst-wannabe, so the gameplay shouldn't really matter?

twillight 16-12-2022 05:50 PM

King of Seas
Looks decent.
But do we play decent games anymore?

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