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TheChosen 21-06-2008 01:32 PM

Unknown game.....with a board?
A friend of mine from the other forum was asking about this unknown game. Since most of the guys around there are console players, I decided to ask around here If anyone of you might know what game this is.


I remember back when I was in grade four, there was this one mysterious computer game that was on a huge floppy disk (I know what it is now.) and it looked really cool. I never got to play the game so I can only describe the features and packaging.

- Purple box
- Attachment board game or something of the like
- Rules regarding each of the games "minigames" I think there was jousting, something involving a troll, and the last fight included a boss.
- From what I remember it sounded kinda similar to Sword of the Samurai...
- Older game. As I said it was on one of those bigger ones so possibly 5.25.

I can't remember much more although if you have a question just shoot.

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