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saibot216 12-04-2011 10:39 PM

Connor Reviews....
Episode 1: Dune

I heard there was a Dune adventure game... didn't finish it... just a quick play. People keep thinking those are my notes in the background, no, that's Dapplegrey. I fixed it in episode two.

Episode 2: Beyond Castle Wolfenstein

In episode 2 I go beyond Castle Wolfenstein to talk about... Beyond Castle Wolfenstein. This one I beat.

Coming soon:
Once school is over I'll do some let's plays... I might do that during school, but idk, I got 3 weeks left. I might LP Mind Maze (came with Microsoft ENcarta 95 and 98), Dare to Dream, Azrael's Tear, or Quarantine.
I might review Bushido Blade, I have it written, but idk, we'll see. Maybe Command & Conquer, I got some stuff I'd like to do with that.

Comments please! I'd like to know what I can improve on!

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