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Malik 15-05-2010 01:46 PM


Originally Posted by Kugerfang (Post 403709)
I looked up my proc (Q9550) and I found out that it's only rated up to 71c. Since I'm idling at 60 and playing at 75, I think it's time to break the bank account to buy a new case and fans.

I'm running a Q9300. I'm particular of the cpu temp, and have fixed a CoolerMaster Gemini II heatsink, on which I have installed 2 120mm silent fans.

The temp? Runs at 39 - 42 Celcius at Idle. Reaches upto 47C at peak.

Even if it's Q9550, I still think it's running at much higher temperature. Try to aim for a peak temp. below 60C.

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