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xBRYAN2000x 05-09-2012 02:28 AM

Anyone up for some Chasm The Rift
Hi my name is Bryan

I Played this game called Chasm The Rift

I Have a Couple of Questions

1.Theres was 1 Deathmatch User Map at Chasm The Rift Somewere does Anybody Still Have It?
2.Anyone have any Test Maps for Chasm The Rift?
3.For Those who have know how to hex edit the map can you teach me how?
4.If you had created your maps upload them?
5.If you have a source code upload it so we can have a source port and a new level editor?

And add your Email Addresses if you want to play some Chasm The Rift with me

The current time is 12:55 PM (GMT)

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