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novous 25-04-2018 12:49 PM

Duel. The game's name is Duel.
The problem is, finding it!

It was a 90's DOS text / ASCII game, top-down, like ZZT (or Rogue). But, you fought. 2 players split-screen (and possibly more over network or modem). (Most likely shareware)

The game was mostly black, and then it had colored text for floors, traps, guns, healthkits, etc.

It was likely a VGA text mode, not the lower res giant text mode of CGA (EGA?). It had a level editor.

I can't seem to find a mention of it, or screenshot anywhere.


Smiling Spectre 26-04-2018 08:26 AM

Keywords found: "90's", "Shareware".

Search started: Duel on site

Duel 4.0 from Giga Games 5 CD found.


DUEL 4.0 - By Matt Ebel - REQUIRES: 386-dx40 Duel is a fast-paced, 2 player battle game designed to be run on ONE computer! Battle in a mine-filled, acid-covered, 4-level arena with weapons ranging from your trusty pistol to the 'body-blasting' bazooka! Travel up and down stairs, shoot through windows, fall through pits, all while blasting your best friend with poison grenades, rockets bombs, and more! Line-of-sight mode changes levels from fast-paced blood-baths to frantic search-and-destroy missions, and the Built in random-map-maker makes for endless hours of play! Character-based graphics adds ease and simplicity to creating a level, yet has complexity in game-play exceeding that of many sprite-based games.
ASCII - check
Multiplayer - check
Map Editor - check

Target found!

It is here by the way.

novous 26-04-2018 01:02 PM

That's it, thanks!

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