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ysorian 03-11-2008 10:40 PM

syndicate not working
I've gotta be completely useless but ive tried everthing this thread has suggested to get any sorta sound but nothing seems to work :(

The Fifth Horseman 04-11-2008 07:34 AM

Perhaps start by telling us what you tried so far?

Juanca 05-11-2008 03:20 AM

the game is working perfectly with sound and all, I am using dosbox... of course:whistling:

Leo-Kun 12-11-2008 04:56 AM

Why dont we start at the beginning? I've only mounted it in dosbox and tried to run it, no sound, game runs fine, not slow or fast, just no sound.

Mighty Midget 18-11-2008 11:33 AM

I don't recall the details, but I know that for some copies of Syndicate, the sound files are in the wrong folder. Please list all the directories/folders in the game directory, and I might be able to remember.

In any case, I had this problem and found the solution after googleing. You might want to search there yourself.

ysorian 30-11-2008 11:21 PM

ok... this thread seems to have shortened but i tried eveything the original thread mentioned... im running dosbox... i tried copying the mentioned files into the mentioned directory... no luck... i changed the irq settin in the batch file to 7... although a previous comment mentioned changing "two" settings to 7 but i only found one "irq" in said file.

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