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Funkmaster5000 01-08-2012 08:10 PM

WWI Medic
It's highly addictive, nevertheless I must admit, that it's crappy. But hey that's what makes it charming! It's from the famous guys, that made Dwarf Fortress!

Give it a try ;)
WWI Medic

Tracker 01-08-2012 09:03 PM :D Nice game though.

RRS 02-08-2012 01:11 AM

^^ about time. I always wondered why there's no WWI counterpart to MoH/CoD.

DarthHelmet86 02-08-2012 02:12 AM

Because sitting in trenches for years on end is kinda is charging over the trench wall into machine gun fire or artillery. Making WW1 into a fast paced game like CoD or MoH would be hard work, I could see a more stealth focused version similar to how MoH started.

Funkmaster5000 02-08-2012 09:43 AM

Do you know Battlegrounds 2 for Half Life 2? Not exactly WW1 (not at all), but it's a civil war mod. Lousy guns and linebattles (2 groups facing each other in 2 rows, one kneeing, one standing, waiting for the commander to give the shoot command and if you're out of ammo: charge with a bayonet). Sounds lame, but it's fantastic. I think the gameplay of a WWI shooter could also be intense. You're fighting desperatly for every inch of land and once you get it, you won't be willing to give it away the easy way. I hope, they do it right (looks like they already did a lot right, after watching the trailer)!

Originally Posted by DarthHelmet86 (Post 444517)
Because sitting in trenches for years on end is kinda is charging over the trench wall into machine gun fire or artillery. Making WW1 into a fast paced game like CoD or MoH would be hard work, I could see a more stealth focused version similar to how MoH started.

DarthHelmet86 02-08-2012 12:00 PM

I never said a game about it could not be good, just not as fast paced as CoD and MoH are now. The WW1 battles did move fast at times, but for a lot they were slow. And the trench warfare aspect would be a poor game I think. However a well thought out game could be made and it could be good, very very good.

A desperate commando unit, sneaking past enemy lines to plant bombs, mines to snipe at enemy generals. The slower pace would annoy many gamers I think, but I think it could blow my little mind. Off in the distance the artirrely bombardments hiding your movement into the enemy trenches, the sounds of theirs returning fire, the ground thumping and shaking, the desperate speed needed to do the job and return before you are caught. Oh yes it could be a great game...just not a CoD or MoH.

RRS 02-08-2012 07:49 PM

As I said it already on MobyGames forum in similar discussion: WW1 doesn't have to be only about trenches. Sure, most of it was trench warfare, but there were early skirmishes in 1914, the more mobile Eastern Front... and have you heard about the Lost Battalion?

Besides, even with today's graphic cards I still don't see hundreds of soldiers fighting at once in those FPS games? So it's still about small firefights.

Again, it takes somebody with a passion for the subject to think of those interesting episodes, somebody with imagination to turn stale situation into action scenario.

DarthHelmet86 03-08-2012 01:25 AM

It isn't just the battles, it is also the weapons. Most of the guns at the time were all single action. The machine guns were mounted not mobile, leading to a much slower game style. Can't waste your shots when you only have one. Making WW1 into a CoD or MoH game would fail, that is why I suggested a better format for it one that takes into account the much slower (to people who play the very fast paced CoD/MoH) gameplay and makes it an advantage.

WW1 also has a less clear bad guy, Germany was attacking other countries but they weren't NAZI's this time around. The evil deeds of the NAZI party is well known and it adds to the WW2 games, the bad guys are BAD and you can enjoy killing them without the guilt of remembering they were just people. For a lazy story writer that presents a problem, or to one on a heavy time line to get a games story finished.

RRS 03-08-2012 01:49 AM


Originally Posted by DarthHelmet86 (Post 444560)
The machine guns were mounted not mobile

Not all of them:
There are other examples of BAR-like LMGs ...or even early SMGs:
And are you trying to say we don't use bolt action rifles in MoH/CoD nearly all the time? Those Mausers 98k, Lee-Enfields, Springfields etc.? Guess what, they were the standard rifles of WW1.

While I agree that WW1 is less "marketable" than WW2, this doesn't mean you can't use it successfully as a background for an entertainment product. Surely all those American Civil War games should completely fail in sales outside US, right...?

Yes, Nazis are used like ...aliens or zombies - "safe" cannon fodder for game developers. A bit boring, don't you agree?

DarthHelmet86 03-08-2012 02:00 AM

MoH/CoD are all set in modern day now, so no you don't use bolt action rifles at all. And as I remember it back in the day no one stuck with the bolt action rifles, you had a submachine gun thrown at you and you never looked back, or one of the first assault rifles. Those two guns you linked are actually known to me, the small submachine gun is a cool gun...but wasn't made till close it the end of the war in 1918. The other is a LMG, or light machine gun and takes two people to operate. It is also not meant to be fired while moving, if it even can be, the tripod is on the front for a reason. I should have said when I said mobile that I meant mobile firing not just movable. (The French gun also had a curving magazine with open sides, it was known for getting jammed almost nonstop since the dirt just moved on in.)

And yes I find NAZIs rather boring as game cannon fodder, they are good villains for people who can't work out who is bad and who is good. But as the newer CoD/MoH games have shown gamers have grown out of that and we can have bad guys that aren't just evil tropes. I think their storylines are crap but they still get across who is bad and who is good without needing baby eating antics to show it off.

Also I have never seen a FPS American Civil War game, could you throw me a link to one? That would be an interesting thing since their battles were even more static, bar the guerilla warfare.

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