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Borodin 04-08-2008 01:42 AM

Dragon Lord
Great game, from Cinemaware. The AI was less than ideal, but it was highly original in its main gameplay element, alchemy: 2 dozen different ingredients (if I recall correctly), 4 types of preparation, hot or cold. Many effects and multiple effects at the same time, that you as a dragonlord could have on a dragon, a dragon egg, your money supply, or a town you rule. Also had an action element, in the form of flying a dragon to terrorize villages. :D

Luchsen 04-08-2008 08:17 PM

Dragon Lord (aka Dragon's Breath) | 1989 | Palace Software, Spotlight Software | [APPROVED]

Eagle of Fire 04-08-2008 11:00 PM

Strange, I thought we had that game on the site already? :huh:

Borodin 05-08-2008 12:53 AM


Originally Posted by Eagle of Fire (Post 332515)
Strange, I thought we had that game on the site already? :huh:

I don't see it under RPG, Strategy, or Simulations.

Borodin 08-08-2008 03:06 AM

I'd hoped somebody else would have this. But, you know, I can always search in our basement, and with luck and time, may find my old copy. If so, I'll be happy to upload the files, though I haven't got a scanner to do the documentation.

I'll check around and see what I can see.

Geezer 17-08-2008 02:00 AM

Borodin, if you don't find your's I have this one somewhere also.

kurt 01-10-2008 05:13 PM

Dragon Lord

when I was a kid (must be late 80's) I once played a game where you had to hatch dragoneggs and raise the babydragons. After they matured you could raid your opponents with them. I have no idea what the title was.

any help would be appreciated

The Fifth Horseman 01-10-2008 07:51 PM

Dragonriders of Pern, perhaps?

dosraider 01-10-2008 08:45 PM

That or Dragon Lord.

Or another one ...

kurt 02-10-2008 05:56 AM

checked it and it was dragon lord, thanks

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