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Mike_fields 13-06-2005 12:30 AM

You have to lose the Ship debris on radar so you can go on on the map sector

sal_paradise 13-06-2005 02:35 AM

where do i get the manual answers for the question the robot asks you when u first get in the ship???

Sebatianos 13-06-2005 03:26 AM

You don't need them - just give a random answer (one letter or numer is enough).

wendymaree 13-06-2005 07:12 AM

Hey - nice game and brilliant review! :ok:

*hurries to download*

Indignus IV 13-06-2005 12:56 PM

"Brilliant" review? well I, ahem... :wub:

Abi79 13-06-2005 04:56 PM

When you encounter ships, they appear on the radar. How do you know which ship is friendly and which is hostile ?

Mike_fields 13-06-2005 05:22 PM

you dont know until he attacks you or the ship stands in front of you, but if you have weapons and shield armed a friendly ship may attack you because of that but also it can be a pirate ship and you have to activate weapons and shields quickly :ok:

Abi79 13-06-2005 05:27 PM

Thanks. :ok:

BTW, how do you MAKE money in this game?

Moi 13-06-2005 05:42 PM

From what I've read there are cities on some of the planets. If you scan and find intelligent life you can try to find a city and do some trade. Plus if a planet has lots of minerals you can mine them and sell them. My problem is I can't win a fight to save my life. I keep getting attacked by pirates and the battle goes on and on until I eventually die. I get the enemy's ship to turn completely red and I hit it about 50 or 60 times. It just won't die. Starting to get annoying.

Abi79 13-06-2005 05:52 PM

I was only only once attacked by some pirates, but I died, so I can't help you. You could try using different weapons to kill them.

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