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Strobe 09-03-2005 07:17 PM

Feel free to comment and discuss this game here. Also, if you have any useful tips or tricks don't hesitate to share them with the others! Thanks!


Hydro3000 09-03-2005 08:44 PM

Is there a manual for this game somewhere, It looks cool, but I have a hard time figuring out the controls here

:rifle: :rifle: :rifle: DIE!!!! RED AND BLUE SCUM!!!! :rifle: :rifle: :rifle: :rifle:

BeefontheBone 09-03-2005 09:40 PM

hey, stop trying to steal my Molyneux-worshipping, long review-writing crown!

btw, are you sure of the release date on this? surely it was after Pop 2?

Chris 09-03-2005 09:53 PM

great review! one of the longest i've seen at glad you have to translate it yourself, strobe. :D

@BotB: as far as i know, powermonger was released before Pop2

Strobe 09-03-2005 10:39 PM

according to all my sources of information, it has been released in 1992!

and populous 2 has been published in 1993.

did i make a statement that it has been published AFTER pop 2?

BeefontheBone 09-03-2005 10:49 PM

No, no, it just seems odd that PM has some more advanced features (like rotating and zooming the map for a start) than Pop2. Oh well, wahtever. Might have to give it a try - never actually played this one!

Flop 09-03-2005 10:55 PM

I remember buying this game a looong time ago. I never did manage to get it to run on a newer computer, though. It always freezes whenever I start a new game, even with dosbox and VDMSound. Does anyone else have this problem?

Guest 10-03-2005 04:26 AM

The style is like Popolous :not_ok: but this Game is much more better than it! :ok:

TheChosen 10-03-2005 12:02 PM

Holy Cow! I have always looked for this game after i had borrowed it from my friend. I was 8 then and i forgot its name.

Thank you.

Strobe 10-03-2005 12:50 PM

now the manual is available for download. just click the link on the review page
(it's located in the extras box)

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