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Bugamn 27-04-2015 05:51 AM

[Amayirot Akago] Capture the Flag
This game I played on a Windows 3.11 or 95, it was possibly a DOS game.
You had a team of players to play capture the flag. You would view from the top. I remember you could select different speeds and those would cause more action points to be spent. Terrain would also affect action points. I guess they affected visibility, but I don't remember those details. If you found someone from the other team in you side, you could try to capture them, and they could try to capture you in their side. I think capture was temporary, but I'm not sure. The objective was either only to get the flag, or get it and return, I can't remember.
I remember no sounds at all. Graphics were simple, but detailed enough. Colors were mostly flat.

EDIT: Forget it, I have found the game.

marko river 28-04-2015 12:58 PM

Well at least you could tell us which game it is and give some link :)

Amayirot Akago 28-04-2015 02:17 PM

Pretty sure he was talking about this game:

Bugamn 28-04-2015 11:15 PM

That one. After writing the post I remembered to check for DOS games and that worked. Previous searches for capture the flag game didn't work that well. Now I'm trying to remember an helicopter game similar to defender, but I'll try to search and remember more details before posting.

marko river 29-04-2015 10:48 AM

Oh, you're probably thinking of something like Airlift Rescue or Striker.

Bugamn 29-04-2015 10:13 PM

Neither, there was some kind of destructible terrain and caves. But thanks for reminding me of Airlift Rescue. I think that later I'll make a full post about it.

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