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MarcelGalarneau 21-05-2019 06:11 PM

Adult take picture game from 90s
I played a game that you must take picture of girls in beach. It was in 256 color and I played it on Win98(or maybe 95). You can buy accessoiries for your camera and you get cash for you picture. I don't remember the title. I search on abandonware games in adult games but I did not find it. There was no nudity .. maybe it is rated T and not adult...

It was in 2D comics style. Not manga. Thank you for answering me!

Smiling Spectre 22-05-2019 12:49 PM

Ibiza looks similar to your description, but much less innocent.

MarcelGalarneau 27-05-2019 05:52 PM


Originally Posted by Smiling Spectre (Post 483626)
Ibiza looks similar to your description, but much less innocent.

Yeah that this game. I find the title but now I need to find the game lol. I search and I find it on some forums too. But the file is no more available on the fileshare sites... I keep searching...

Edit : I find it .. ask it if you want the link ...

MarcelGalarneau 27-05-2019 08:56 PM

So, I downloaded it but it was in Russian. And once installed, it crashed on start... lol !

Mystvan 27-05-2019 10:22 PM

At first, I thought that the answer might be Erotica Island because of the description, :sneakrete: but then I realized my mistake.

Well, the title says it all... :blush: :lust:

twillight 28-05-2019 05:58 AM

There was also this Panty Shotor what game, where UFOs took the planet hostage, demanding you make panty shots.

It was a very simple and short game...

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