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red_avatar 22-04-2009 04:38 PM

Ideas needed: our tagline
Every magazine has a kind of tagline. The site has "dedicated to classic dosgames" for example. I reserved a black box at the bottom of the front cover for a tag line but I can't seem to think of a decent one so does anyone have any idea?

Simoneer 22-04-2009 05:58 PM

''Does not include blast-processing''? :perv:
''...It's stompin' time!''? :perv:

On a more serious note...

''By retro gamers, for retro gamers.''
''By veterans, for veterans.''
''...Taking you back to the past since 2009.''
''...For the future, was yesterday.'' (Referring to how the quality of games haven't really gotten better with the years...)
''A look back into the past.''
''Dedicated to... old news.''
''The gaming magazine dedicated to the golden years!''
''Your guide to the golden days of gaming.''
''More gold. Less scrap.''

Yeah, they're all cheesy. Made them up quickly, after all. Not that I would be able to come up with much better things, even with hours of thought. :hihihi: I love making up things like this, though. Could probably come up with a few hundred more if I wasn't lazy.

dosraider 22-04-2009 06:16 PM

Free pron inside.


Simoneer 22-04-2009 06:42 PM

That cracked me up. My maturity level is so low right now. (No offense intended.)

Frodo 22-04-2009 07:08 PM


Originally Posted by dosraider (Post 361062)
Free pron inside.


Ooh, naked men! :tongue:

Geezer 22-04-2009 07:27 PM

"Abandoned but not forgotten."

Simoneer 22-04-2009 07:36 PM

While I admit that was a really good one, Geezer, it would be a bit too repetitive, in my opinion.

I mean...

Abandoned Times

-Abandoned but not forgotten.

...Yeah. But that's just my opinion. :)

The Fifth Horseman 23-04-2009 10:40 AM

"Oldschool never changes"
"We like our games older than hell"
"Who gives a **** about modern gaming?"
"Computer gaming didn't start with Quake"

GTX2GvO 23-04-2009 10:48 AM

I think the following suggestions are actually rather good:

''By retro gamers, for retro gamers.''
"Abandoned but not forgotten."

Tomekk 23-04-2009 11:55 AM


Originally Posted by The Fifth Horseman (Post 361124)
"Oldschool never changes"

I vote for this one!:max:

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