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theberserkone 25-01-2017 04:31 AM

Looking old adventure puzzle game 1984-1996
I have been searching and searching for an old game I once played as a demo
It came on an compilation cd of shareware, Freeware and Demo's. It had 500 games on the disc. It had both dos and windows games as i recall.

The game itself was from the side and it's main character looked a lit the Baron Baldric character but its not him. He wears a brown medieval robe and the game is set in a castle. You can go up stairs and ladders and through doors. You had to find keys to get to certain areas. I distinctly remember having a quest to find the key for the kitchen. The story is that you live peacefully behind a wall or gate that is protected by magic and the magic is failing and you have to figure out why and how to stop it. I'm pretty sure the game had RPG elements. The game might have been a demo as well.

Anyways If anyone know the CD title or the game title I'd be much obliged. Thank You.

Smiling Spectre 25-01-2017 07:43 AM

Can you remmeber something else? Like, what combat (if it is combat) here? How much text and equipment? Because right now I can google only named Baron's Baldric Graveyard Adventure with similar characteristics...

theberserkone 25-01-2017 10:47 PM

Hmm there wasn't any combat that I can recall... more puzzle solving and adventure based I'm pretty sure...also I had a typo in the title it should be 1994-1996...though im pretty sure it was 1995-6 when i got the disc. Oh And I got it from my local Real Canadian Superstore!...probably not helpful. Game had least the intro was a cinematic. I had thought the game was Baldur's Gate up until a few years ago but it no text but like in King's Quest 5 and on where a voice tells you if you can't do something...I distictly remember "That door is need to find the kitchen key"

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