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_mzonas_ 15-09-2006 02:44 PM

Yu-Gi-Oh Power of Chaos - Joey the Passion
i would like request a game "YGO!" I think should be ygo game somewhere, but I really want this game!

Mighty Midget 15-09-2006 03:09 PM

I found this on Amazon:

You could try this.

The Fifth Horseman 15-09-2006 03:21 PM

What Wikipedia has to say.

There were very few Yu-Gi-Oh games for PC, all of them produced by Konami and within recent several years.

As Konami is an ESA member, we have to wait at least 15 years since publication to put any of their games on our site.

Honestly, I doubt you have any desire to wait that long...

_mzonas_ 16-09-2006 11:09 AM

thank you, but i wont wait 15 years I think.

Sonicfan37 16-09-2006 07:31 PM

What made you think that Yu-Gi-Oh was abandoned?

_mzonas_ 18-09-2006 08:24 AM

im just asking if ygo game is ever made for abandonia.

The Fifth Horseman 18-09-2006 12:21 PM


im just asking if ygo game is ever made for abandonia.[/b]
If you are looking for a freeware game or a fan production, go to Reloaded.

Abandonia itself does not and never will deal with freeware/fan games - that's what Reloaded is for.

_mzonas_ 19-09-2006 04:50 PM

<div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(the_fifth_horseman @ Sep 15 2006, 04:21 PM) [snapback]255185[/snapback]</div>I have bought all games on PC.

The Fifth Horseman 21-09-2006 12:53 PM


There is no point in continuing this discussion.

If you'd like to request any other games, feel free to start a new thread here.

Cluseck 02-08-2019 12:50 PM

The game hasn't been protected since 29.06.2019.
Sold only on the German Amazon Marketplace.

I think we can label the game as 'approved'. Can anyone confirm that?

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