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Zup 09-12-2008 06:23 PM

"Translating" flying saucer
First, I DO know that Flying Saucer is not a game from Abandonia.

I downloaded and played a ripped version from HOTU, and I liked it. Later, I discovered a release (HOTU states that it wasn't released, but actually Jowood released it) and bought it from ebay... but it's a GERMAN release.

So I want to "translate" or "remaster" it to english, taking the language from the ripped version from HOTU. Most texts are inside bitmaps or text files, so change those files will be easy (voices and FX are in seperate files, too). The problem are the cutscenes.

The cutscenes are SMK videos. The videos in HOTU release are low-res but have english voices, and the videos on my CD have greater resolution, but german voices.

Do anyone knows how to split sound and video tracks and later join video with another sound track (remember, those are SMK files, not AVI or MPEG)?

The Fifth Horseman 09-12-2008 07:13 PM

SMK = Smacker = RAD Game Tools

RGT are freely downloadable, BTW.

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