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FreeFreddy 07-08-2004 06:29 AM

Yes, that part is hard. Just keep shooting them with the minigun (you should have researched it already by the time and upgraded your's cyborgs a little and have enough money to buy the miniguns, if not, spend little time with waiting for money & research in the menus). In first 2 encounters with them the MP's could suffice also, but after that - only minigun.
In some of the missions, you also can use flamethrower against them effectively - if you place your's cyborgs strategically, they (enemy) may move into a house, when they are after you, just approach the house carefully, and, if they don't come out then, carefully move into the house and start burning 'em :twisted: Just don't forget, they can shoot at you in the house too, just not that often like outside.
Also if there are enemy cyborgs from more than one company in the level (different head-colors), they may get on themselves first too, just let them until there is only small amount left. When they're after you again, start shooting them (minigun, of course).

revgb 07-08-2004 07:00 AM

I always felt totaly jiped that the big milatary APC type thing didnt have a cannon that you could shoot at ppl

btw did ne1 ever play the mega drive version of this? this cars were controled by the keypad so it was relly easy to run ppl over it was a hell of alot of fun but most cars are pretty week so some agent would always come along and take out your whole group :(

xndr2181 07-08-2004 06:56 PM

I'll have to remember all these great tips when I play it again. I actually do remember using the cars, they were great! I use to flamethrow cars in the streets and watch them exploded :twisted: Good times. That's why I stick to my earlier statement about how syndicate was the first true Grand Theft Auto.

Tatsuo Shima 27-09-2004 08:18 PM

:twisted: OH MY GOD, this is the only game i've ever really loved, it has everything! story, gameplay, originality. ITS GOD DAMN AWESOME!!!! i love it. can't believe i just stumbled on this site. wow, what a suprise!!!!!! yehaaaa, civilians, here i come with ma Gause gun!!!!

aaberg 27-09-2004 08:28 PM

Splash. Blood everywhere :w00t: :blink: :twisted:

Tom Henrik 28-09-2004 06:45 AM


Originally posted by Tatsuo Shima@Sep 27 2004, 08:18 PM
:twisted: OH MY GOD, this is the only game i've ever really loved, it has everything! story, gameplay, originality. ITS GOD DAMN AWESOME!!!! i love it. can't believe i just stumbled on this site. wow, what a suprise!!!!!! yehaaaa, civilians, here i come with ma Gause gun!!!!
Just wait till we place up Syndicate Wars :sneaky:

FreeFreddy 28-09-2004 10:17 AM

I heard Syndicate Wars was not as good as the first, but I'm curious so I'll definitely try it out. ;)

dudeguy237.24 08-10-2004 07:19 AM

syndicate is one of the best games ever, though i never got to try the expansion for it and the second syndicate was one of the worst games ever when i played it. it just was horrible i didnt enjoy it one bit.

athcnv 23-10-2004 10:33 PM

Actually, I quite liked Syndicate Wars. The atmosphere of high tech and black/dark urban decay, and the improved graphics. Also, in one of the original Syndicate (S1) missions, once shooting started every flipping enemy agent on the map started running at me (don't know if this was scripted, or a bug with the enemy AI)

Also, on the second mission, you have to be careful when going to the extraction point - it's near a sewer. I went inside the sewer, and 2 of my agents died immediately, so I had to restart the mission! Not sure if you are not supposed to go in it, or if it was a bug, and I was supposed to go in there....

As for the Genesis version, I think you could only control one agent at a I wasn't really paying attention.

A major problem with Syndicate Wars (SW) was the manual - (actually, 2 manuals), which had quite a lot of errors and important stuff missing. Like how to get out of the game from a mission that you had escape, not spacebar (the latter just restarted the mission-so you could end up trapped-especially if your agents couldn't be self destructed!).

In addition, unlike in S1, you don't seem to receive cash as time elapses (since I think this meant people would leave their computers running all night to accumulate cash - why the game designers didn't have it so that cash only accumulated during the time taken for game missions I don't know (although, you could get round that by completing the mission, then waiting before getting to the extraction point).

Even worse, the manual says that Eurocorp Syndicate departments are supposed to pay each other for services rendered - though who pays you is not clear. It seemed that the only way to get funds was to;
1: Take weaponry off dead enemies and sell it
2: Rob banks (BUT again, the game doesn't state which buildings are banks! (And they don't have a big "BANK" sign on them either!) Luckily, I figured out which were the buildings - and how to rob them ( have to blow up the bank, by putting explosives either near a wall on the INSIDE of the building, or near a door on the inside of the building).

Oh yeah, weaponry works differently in this game - no solid state ammo - each agent has a "Microfusion reactor" powerpack, which constantly generates power for a battery. Each weapon in the game depletes this battery (faster than it is generated). When out of power, you have to run and hope you stay alive long enough for the reactor to get enough juice so you can fire your weapon again. Because of this, each agent CANNOT have more than one copy of each weapon or item (not even medkits, although you can equip a medkit and an auto-medkit).

Luckily, it turns out that miniguns, despite being the 2nd weapon you get (the basic firearm for this game is the uzi!), are actually better than the more advanced (and expensive) pulse laser and electron (er....electric?) gun - so no problems with selling those!

Another problem was that the game engine could be unstable - probably due to the fact that the game allowed 360 rotation, zooming in and out, and (I think) view angle changing, as well as "deep radar" (buildings which were in the way would turn into semi-transparent purple blocks, so you could see everything). Probably too experimental or beyond current technology or something. Sometimes, I got white lines going everywhere along the pavements.

Then, finally, the key for the radar in the manual - which wasn't completely accurate. What it failed to mention was that in many levels, you would have to kill people whose termination weren't strictly mission objectives (i.e.: not highlighted by that red moving circle thingy). It also failed to mention that there were quite a few agents and combat operatives who were NOT on your side.

Sean 23-10-2004 11:28 PM

Syndicate Wars was a game that i wanted to review but it's been called im waiting for the review to be posted. I will try it out when it's posted. Also when playing syndicate with DOSbox it quits after i do the 1st mission how can i stop that?

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