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Mystvan 26-11-2017 03:40 PM

I forgot to mention that I had already encountered civilians who resembled Sindicate Agents. I kept wondering if they were renegade and / or stray Syndicate Agents.

In the map with more reach using the Scan device, these “Agents” were identified as civilians. There, I remembered that on one of the missions, I needed to recover fellow Agents with malfunction. I believe they were also identified as civilians on the map, but without being very sure.

I also remember that in one of the missions, I should eliminate a former fellow Agent, an old, renegade, and rebellious model. The curious thing is that she did not try to defend herself, but to act like a simple civilian, wearing and acting as such.

Mystvan 24-03-2019 03:38 PM

One way to circumvent Syndicate without using cheats, would be to run the game, with the agents “in standby mode”, and let time pass.

After some time, you give up the mission and you have collected taxes in the areas controlled by your Syndicate and probably got something (weapons, devices, armors, etc.) from R&D.

But between us, would not it be much easier for you to use cheats? Much faster, more practical and with the same result... *shrug*

Capo 25-03-2019 04:34 PM

:lame: :lame:

Mystvan 27-03-2019 05:50 PM

I said in another post about the combat style of the Sardaukar, the Imperial Super Soldiers.

Agents, the Cyber Super Soldiers, adopt a similar, but long-range, fighting style.

Agents, the Elite Force of the Syndicate, as a group, positioned themselves into four (from twosome to foursome) in a way that eliminated “unguarded” rearguard or the “blind spot”.

And when the level of the four (2 - 4) agents what the Manual named IPA (Intelligence, Perception and Adrenaline) are activated, and using Armor level 3, they become a truly unstoppable Elite Force... :laser: :rocket: :minigun:

Mystvan 30-03-2019 09:06 PM

I am thinking of posting / starting a new Thread, in another Sub-Forum, with texts and screenshots from Missions in Syndicate where enemy Agents are likely to be persuaded via Persuadertron.

I am also thinking about posting screenshots of some of the Campaigns on the Human Side in Warcraft: Orcs & Humans.

For better didacticism, the ideal would be for each post to address a single and individual Mission so that there is a precise and optimized separation for better clarity of texts.

The worst thing would be confusion of understanding because there is no separation of texts and screenshots from different Missions. :wacko: :hypno:

All this would be just an idea :idea:, but I am well aware that to elaborate all this would require several screenshots and the inevitable use of Image Editor... Well, image editing is certainly not my turf... :whops: :doh:

rjd707 09-08-2019 03:13 AM

2nd best ever game (first is the original Railroad Tycoons)
This game is awesome. Man I remember spending a ton of hours in my dorm playing it. Loved how you can set up and position your squad...snipers in building, dudes with shot guns, planting mines....the pursuadeatron !!!
Loved to convert an army of civilians and have them pick up the dropped weapons !!!
Havent been able to find a game like this one since....Also love the blade runner-esque cutaway scenes.

Have fun with this one!

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