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Abandoned Witch 10-07-2011 09:06 AM

Lord Monarch: Arete's Chance & The Witchpie Tale
Lord Monarch: Arete's Chance & The Witchpie Tale
-by Abandoned Witch-

~Part One: Arete's Chance~

Arete was sleeping when she dreamt of a world,
An unoccupied world full of everything they would
She wondered why she was still standing here
Now she lives in the kingdom of Monarch, a land everyone fears.

She was ordered by Lord Arkham, Lord Monarch, who greeted her
He wants her, Arete, to expand the country and conquer
Arete was so happy, but she thought she'll become a queen
However the evil king Desmond wants to put an end to Lord Monarch's dreams.

Arete started hiring her friends to work on Lord Monarch's kingdom
They worked, making homes, buildings, and barracks, training knights of freedom,
She is famous, her friends made her a legendary person
With her heart she had no other reason.

The night falls, and the evil king Desmond has sparked terror
The people woke up, trying to avoid this unstoppable horror
Arete thought evil king Desmond may cause fear and harm
so Arete, Lord Monarch, and the knights readied their arms.

Arete and Lord Monarch fought the evil king Desmond to his last haste
With their swords and spears Desmond and his army was vanquished without a trace
Evil has faded, peace has restored
The next day Arete woke up, and she thought she's cold!!!

~End of Part One~

Abandoned Witch 13-07-2011 03:26 AM

Here is the second part.
~Part Two: The Witchpie Tale~

Last Halloween, in an ordinary place
Arete and her friends were dressed up in costumes to grace
She went to the bakeshop to buy a witchpie
And returned home and called her friends to consume the pie.

Lord Arkham, the Lord Monarch, fell ill
and cursed, by the evil witch named Ardelle
She wrote bad stories that scared the people in town
With her madness she made happy people frown.

Arete came back to Monarch and found out
that Monarch, her kingdom, is in chaos, so she ran and then shouted
Miss 'Rete wondered for something that will use against Ardelle and her madness
She then thought that the witchpie can restore happiness.

So Miss 'Rete rang the Monarch bell and took her army from the previous fight
They hired a hundred bakers to make witchpies during their light
The witchpies are made for people who like to cherish
so Arete faced Ardelle, giving her witchpie and after eating it Ardelle vanished!

The witch's curse was broken, Lord Arkham became well
Arete returned to the castle and told him stories to fell
She gave him a pumpkin pie, people went happy for now
Arete left Lord Arkham with a note that tells she might return to Monarch somehow.

~End of Part Two~

~Continuation: Before she was a dame~

Ardelle returned to her hometown after the witchpie spell fades
and went home with her son Herschel after a few days
She will never forget what Arete had done to her own opinion
so she plans to return to Monarch if she had the hope and question.

Arete promised to return to Monarch to meet Lord Arkham sometime
and she wanted to be a dame, once in her lifetime
But when she came back, nightfall came
so she came to Lord Arkham's Keep and went to her room to sleep in fame.

~End of Continuation~

Abandoned Witch 27-08-2011 03:03 PM

Dame Highness Arete of Monarch
~Part Three: Arete, The First Dame of Monarch~

Arete was sleeping in her room in Lord Arkham's Keep
dreaming about her lover Fifth and his love so deep
when a friend of hers came to Arete for her royal address
so she woke up and wore her favorite black dress.

She came to the courtyard and adressed to Lord Arkham,
"I had visited and expanded your kingdom, but I would happy to serve your kingdom."
Arkham answered with all his loving heart so true
"You may, but I'll give you time to talk to Fifth, he misses you."

Arete became true to Lord Arkham's word and went to her room to write in her diary,
Her days as a dame would be her first priority, if necessary
One time Fifth was on the phone, so she answered him with her hope
Her love will never fade as every day she writes every diary note.

Days passed, Arete woke up and went to the castle courtyard and Arkham assigned her as dame
She then tied her red hair with a ribbon and wore a necklace to represent her fame
Lord Arkham was so proud of her so she given 3 years to became a dame that she dreamed.
As time passed, Arete, as the dame of Monarch, is not alone. Even though she likes ice cream.

~End of Part Three~

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