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Rwolf 08-05-2015 01:11 PM

J. Kintz's games?
Does anyone know the status of the games by Jeff Kintz, that Shadow_Stalker uploaded?
I've found a few on other sites, but nothing here, and it's been a few years since this thread was active last.

GreenBanana 07-03-2022 11:40 PM

I was unable to start a new thread. I'm not certain why. But since my question is related, I thought I'd ask it here.

Does anyone have solutions to Jeff Kintz's games? Especially for Savage Future and Shape Shifter. I was never able to find the electrostatic charger nor the trilium in Savage Future, and I can't find a third key to enter the tower in Shape Shifter. And if there are any solutions to the other obstacles in The Darkest Night, I haven't yet found them.

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