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dannyboy75 20-11-2020 02:25 PM

A-10 Cuba
I used to love playing A-10 Cuba back in the day, ever since I tried the demo on a magazine coverdisc. It was a flight sim for Windows 95.

Most recently I used to play it on Windows XP and it worked fine, but that was ~10 years ago, if not more.

I recently revived an old PC of mine and installed Win XP on it (+ SP3 and device drivers), thinking I'd be able to dive straight back into A-10. Unfortunately it doesn't work though - installing it gives an error relating to one of the game's files (game.gid).

I also tried just running the game executable directly from the setup files, which I found others had success with, while googling for solutions. This opens the game launcher, but gives an error relating to a DirectPlay file (dpserial.dll). When I then try and start a mission, I just end up with a black screen or CTD. I did try running both the installer and game exe in compatibility mode for Win95.

At this point I started thinking about DOSBox. I'd dabbled in it on occasions but never really used it properly. I followed a guide to install Win95 OSR2, and got that working. But as soon as I tried to install drivers for the default S3 emulation, and SB audio, I now get 'Windows protection error' when it boots in DirectX driver mode. If booting in WINDIB driver mode, the 95 desktop loads but then explorer hangs (and My Computer/Network Places aren't visible).

I'd really like to get this working again if I can. I found other people saying they'd got it running in Windows 7, so I thought it'd be easy running it on Win XP. I'd be really grateful for any advice either with that, or running it in DOSBox.


Smiling Spectre 21-11-2020 01:32 PM

As I heard, most DOSBox forks works not extremely good with Win95 (if at all). So your best chance is finding some guide to install it right.

From my side, I can

a) Suggest to check version. "Full RIP" link must give you already installed version. There is also patch for the game (even if I don't know if it already was implemented for the rip, or if it will not break it).

b) Use directx-emulators/wrappers. There are plenty of them. At the same Old-games you can found the list of different ones here.

dannyboy75 22-11-2020 06:46 PM

Hey, thank you for the reply and the links, I really appreciate it :)

The fork I was using (following a guide on Youtube) was DOSBox Daum, but it seems very flaky with W95.

Anyway I'll check out your links later this evening - thanks again :OK:

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