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Retrogamer5708 28-11-2019 03:39 PM

Having trouble starting a game
Im using Dosbox with the windows 3.1 pre constructed
kudos to this making life a whole lot easier by the way

but one im trying and theres a snag

i installing the game but its asking to install "Microsoft winG" and "win32s" however its said it can't install it but it does finish the installation

however everytime i try to run it i get "unexpected Dos error 21"

not sure how to resolve this since im fairly new with this.

hope for help and thank you
(if i need to give more info let me know)

Scatty 28-11-2019 03:51 PM

Wasn't WinG a precursor in Windows 3.0-3.11 to what DirectX is today ever since Windows 95+? If so, it would require a hardware access to your graphics card I think. Inside DosBox which only emulates a graphics card, it probably won't work since DosBox itself accesses the actual graphics card to work.
Which could explain why WinG doesn't install, and Win32s alongside it if installed all in one go.

You could try to download both WinG and Win32s from here and here, and install those, which also would install the whole package and no libraries would be missing. See how it goes.

Basically, what happens, is that the game you're trying to install is a 32bit program, and should run without problems in Windows 95, but that one isn't as easy to set up in DosBox as Windows 3.11 is. And Windows 3.11 was a 16bit operating system, hence why it needs those Win32s to be able to support 32bit programs.
WinG on the other hand is what DirectX is for modern Windows operating systems, allowing graphics-intensive programs and games to display properly.

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