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MrFlibble 26-05-2009 06:19 PM

Some time ago I have contributed to Abandonia the Improved AI Scenario (Mission) Pack for Dune II, which fixed a nasty error called the team bug, which prevented the AI from assembling attack teams of combat vehicles, thus reducing game difficulty (not to say disabling an important game feature). Since then, I have made a revised version of Dune II missions, with even more errors fixed (the devs have left quite a few of them, see below), and compiled a small patch that fixes the "team bug" and some other errors. Apart from that, it modifies the game's setup program to enable multiple sound device selection, akin to the official sound patch from Westwood Studios, whilst retaining lanaguage selection as well (the Westwood patch was designed for the US release and does not support language selection).

Here's the full list of changes:

Gameplay fixes:
  • Fixed the internal syntax error which prevented the AI from assembling attack teams of vehicles ("team bug").
  • Structures will now decay only if placed on bare rock or an incomplete foundation. Structures that were placed on normal concrete foundation will only take damage in case of power shortage.
  • Looped reinforcements are now enabled in certain missions.
Mission-specific fixes:
  • Removed the unused CHOAM (Starport related) section from SCENA001.
  • Removed obsolete reinforcement sections from SCENA002, SCENA003, SCENA004 and SCENH004.
  • Fixed the victory conditions in SCENA004 so that the mission can be won by destroying the enemy base and not only by harvesting the spice quota.
  • Fixed invalid spice bloom placement in SCENA005.
  • Changed Ordos Launcher to Ordos Troopers in SCENA020 and SCENA021.
  • Changed Atreides Troopers to Atreides Infantry in SCENA022.
  • Removed junk lines (probably obsolete map data) from SCENH002 and SCENH007.
  • Changed Harkonnen Trike to Harkonnen Quad in SCENH005, SCENH006 and SCENH007.
  • Fixed incorrect hit point values for pre-placed buildings in SCENH006.
  • Reinstated the sandworms that were commented out in SCENH008.
  • Fixed the error that disabled Devastator reinforcements in SCENH017, SCENH018 and SCENH019.
  • Changed Harkonnen Infantry to Harkonnen Troopers in SCENH020.
  • Removed duplicate Spice Silo and Light Factory structures in SCENO005 (two identical structures were positioned at the same coordinates).
  • Changed Ordos Trike to Ordos Raider Trike in SCENO005, SCENO006 and SCENO007.
  • Replaced SCENO015 with a different map, as it was identical to SCENO014.
  • Changed Ordos Launcher to Ordos Deviator in SCENO019.
  • Increased the unit limit for the AI players to 25 in SCENO021.
  • Changed the player's starting credits from 1500 to 1000 in SCENO022 (the extra 500 credits were a result of an error).
  • Changed Atreides Troopers to Atreides Infantry in SCENH011, SCENH012, SCENH013, SCENH020, SCENHO021, SCENH022, SCENO008, SCENO009, SCENO010, SCENO020, SCENO021 and SCENO022.
  • Changed the Atreides WOR to Atreides Barracks in SCENH022, SCENO014, SCENO015, SCENO016 and SCENO022, so that the Atreides can produce infantry.
  • Fixed all missions where the MaxUnit value name was misspelled as MaxUnits for an AI player (SCENA005, SCEN017, SCENA018, SCENA019, SCENH017, SCENH018, SCENH019, SCENO017, SCENO018, SCENO019).
  • Fixed the error which prevented the player from buying Ornithopters at the Starport in SCENA020, SCENA021, SCENA022, SCENH020, SCENH021, SCEHNH022, SCENO020, SCENO021 and SCENO022.
  • Set the spice quota value to 0 in SCENA022, SCENH022 and SCENO022 (was 2500, but did not actually affect anything).
Mentat information fixes:
  • Fixed incorrect power consumption values for the Barracks and the Starport (the incorrect values of 20 and 80 were changed to the actual 10 and 50).
  • Light Factory entries in the Atreides and Ordos Mentat databases are now accessible from mission 2 (since the Atreides and Ordos can build Light Factories in this mission).
  • Spice Silos entry is no longer shown on mission 1.
  • Fixed incorrect information in the advice for mission 2 (any House); the Mentat tells that the Barracks/WOR required a Windtrap to be built, whereas actually it requires an Outpost as well.
  • Removed two obsolete entries in German from the English Harkonnen Mentat database (EU and HitSquad versions).
In-game spelling fixes:
  • Fixed the spelling of the word "Ornithopter" (was "Ornithipter").
  • Fixed the spelling of the word "incompatible" (yes, I'm pedantic ;)).
  • Fixed the spelling of the word "complement" in the copy protection dialogue.
  • Fixed the spelling of the word "Starport" in the building hints section.
Sound fixes:
  • Removed the clicking noise from some of the game sound effects.
  • Restored a missing voice clip during missile launch countdown in French and German (European and HitSquad releases).
  • Fixed a graphical glitch that would occur between some missions in the HitSquad version.
Setup program changes:
  • The setup program now allows to configure multiple sound devices for DUNE II (check SETSOUND.TXT for more information).
  • Several text mistakes in the setup dialogue were fixed, most notably the music device selection screen, which no longer contains the misleading line "Play sound from" (changed to "Play music from").
Great thanks to:
The patch is compatible with the release of the game hosted at Abandonia (called the EU version in the patch package). If you decide it's worth hosting, I think you can remove the old scenario pack I've mentioned above, and the Westwood sound patch, too.

TotalAnarchy 27-05-2009 05:03 AM

If you're sure we can remove your previous fix and put this instead, but the official patch remains, because there are people who prefer to play it raw. :)

MrFlibble 27-05-2009 05:37 PM


Originally Posted by TotalAnarchy (Post 366925)
If you're sure we can remove your previous fix and put this instead

Yes, the old fix is certainly outdated, and lacks a lot of features introduced by the new patch.

As for the official sound patch, I don't know why WS did not do a similar one for the European three-language release - probably this is because that release was made by an external company in the UK, as I've heard. Anyhow, the option to select different sound devices for music and speech is present in all versions of the Dune II setup program, only it is disabled. Great thanks to Nyerguds for re-enabling it in the three-language version setup! :D

TotalAnarchy 28-05-2009 06:41 AM

Ok, I'll do it tomorrow. Thank you for the effort of keeping Dune II clean and alive. :)

MrFlibble 28-05-2009 08:01 PM


Originally Posted by TotalAnarchy (Post 367047)
Ok, I'll do it tomorrow. Thank you for the effort of keeping Dune II clean and alive. :)

My pleasure ;)

Gilneas 29-05-2009 07:55 PM

Trojan detected in exe. W32/Smalltroj.GEON

_r.u.s.s. 29-05-2009 08:26 PM

what are you using? kaspersky says it's clean

Paco 29-05-2009 08:29 PM


Originally Posted by _r.u.s.s. (Post 367384)
kaspersky says it's clean

True, but:

_r.u.s.s. 29-05-2009 08:35 PM

probably mistake of this "norman"

MrFlibble 30-05-2009 07:27 PM

Antivirus software tools often report false positives in custom-generated EXE files. There should not be any trojans in the patch.

However, if you want, I can just package all the modified files into a RAR/7zip archive, but then it will be larger, and there will be risk of people installing the patch upon a wrong version of Dune II (there are, in fact, several different releases of Dune II with the version number 1.07) , which can even lead to game crashes.

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