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charlie-cope-is-dope 10-12-2007 07:13 AM

Get A Ps3 For Free!!!!! I Did!!!!!
too good to be true?? afraid not my friend.this has been proven LEGAL many times!

it just takes three steps!!!

1.go to this link and make an account(make it a referal account) put in your real info so they can send you the ps3:D

2.when you sign up for a free ps3, you need to(are you ready for the catch?):rolleyes: download a FREE trail program from there offers page. there a bunch from some big name networks like blockbusteronline and netflix.(if your afraid of viruses) not everyone is free but most are!

3.After you get the trial program you can then start the final step. you need to refer some people u know to do the same thing you just did!(make an account and download a FREE trial program) now if you want a basic ps3 i think its like 8 people! thats it! 8 friends of yours just download a free trial and then your ps3 is in the mail! i promise this works!!!!!! i have a ps3... i'm on it rite now posting this message because i cant believe it actually worked!!most people don't bother to get all the referals so they don't get the ps3!

how can a website afford to give away ps3's?

the companies that make those FREE trail programs,will pay websites for every person who downloads it! so then the website, in turn, uses some of there income to persuade people like you and me to get the trail(with free ps3's) SO ITS A WIN WIN SITUATION MAN!!!!! just try it you have nothing to lose!!!:cool::D

The Fifth Horseman 10-12-2007 07:27 AM

How difficult is it to read the sticky that says "Forum Rules - READ THEM!!!"?
Apparently too difficult for you.
Posting blatant advertisements like that is grounds for an immediate lifetime ban.
Ignorance of the rules gives you no excuse.


(the unmistakable sound of a Nemesis Force Halibut being drawn from its scabard)

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