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stanleyopar2000 18-04-2006 01:18 AM

Okkaaaaayyy here is the "info on the question able game (only for the "Tom Henrik!)

Graphics Adventure Builder Is a game where you can build your own "Ultima" like game! There is even a storyline that comes with it! Really Cool! olthough there is alot of heartbreaking controls (the ones that will Muck up the whole game!) but don't worry you can always install it again in the drive!

Mirror Maze is a maze that looks like snake where you control the mirrors where the snake will go. Be careful you also have a clock that is ticking!

3D maze is a maze game that you need to get out of the maze! You can even put: how many corridors, rooms, ect!

Moria is a cool roguelike game that has all the fundamentals of a rogue game! (if this game is put on abandonia, tell them that if you push ctrl+w you can cheat as a wizzard! the next game (ADOM) blows Moria out of the water!

Son Of Stagefright is a text based game where you are lost and stuck in an old (haunted?) theatere (spelling?) the commands can get really hard!

well my mom is being a real BITCH bitching at me teling me i'm online (i have dial-up internet) so I will continue this post ASAP!

DA BOMB...out!

Tom Henrik 18-04-2006 01:29 AM

Is the adventure builder this one?

win98 18-04-2006 02:28 AM

All good lookig games cannot wait to download em.

thatmexicanguy 18-04-2006 02:28 AM

No, that's not it. I've played the Adventure Construction set before. It's something else. The graphics are craptacular. It's really old, too.

vipin 18-04-2006 07:26 AM

is this allowed that DA BOMB can upload the games on a free hosting website like or so that we can download them? maybe, uploading such a huge list of games may take a long time....

stanleyopar2000 18-04-2006 02:56 PM

I'm sorry Tom Henrik but the adventure builder is not a bard's tale but where did you get it that bard's tale builder! I have Bard's Tale 1, 2, 3! but from what I heard there protected! annnnnyyywaaayyy..... to continue!
  • :ok:
  • SEAHUNT is a game that is a battleship like game (I think) you first enter your name and the game is started!
  • :ok:
  • Carwash this game (I think) is sharewareby Huntware because the game (or Simulator is free but it says " give me 10$ to encourage me to continue my work. Heck the guy is probably dead! So I consider this freeware...oops! I forgot to describe this Sim! This game is a well, a "carwash" simulator where you hire workers, waxers, buy how much wax & soap you want adn you can even (later when you get more $) invest in advertisemnets! WARNING use dosbox or the arrows to control how many supplies you want will go EXTRA fast!
I'm sure you know waht SOPWITH is!
  • [ :crazy: *]JungleJack is a puzzle game where you (it's like pipe dream?) need to control the water to help it get to the other villagers! truthfully I don't get it!!
  • :ok:
  • Big Rig this game I kinda fond of because you are responsible for your actions! you are a guy (text Based!) who has a Rig and transports items in you truck. Every session it will tell you the speed limit and you can type (in #) how fast you wanna go! either you can have smokey behind you with his lighs on and give you a ticket and waste your time (and time is $!) or you can keep the spped limit and drive happliy! there is even wether changes, and you can decide to sleep at at stop and get gas or drive zombified! It's your choice!
[list]:not_ok: :not_ok:[*]HOGBEAR 2 is shareware (but who can you give the $ to!!) :sneaky: and it is yes you heard me...STUPID...STUPID (at least in my opinion !) this game is like castle adventure except with color. If you don't use dosbox on this game, the monsters will come at you so fast you will be hearing yes..taps the song and boy does it it anoying (AND LONG) worse after you die the maker of the game laughes at you and says THE HOGBEAR GOT YOU DIDDEN'T HE HEE HEE! the part I hate the most about this game is that the dumb shareware screens popup for like 1 minute even before you start the game...dumb... Castle Adventure is better! :evil:
  • :ok:
  • Sint is game is a fun sidescroller! No violence except for stepping on birds! You are Sint (Santa Claus in another country don't care which one) and some burglars have stolen Sint's bag of goodies! fortunately there was a hole in the bag and all the presents have slipped out on the top of roof's of houses! In the game Sint must collect the cookies and presents in orderof each color of each roof! be carefull! birds can steal cookies and drop them to the neverending abiss down below! and presents! collect the words S-I-N-T for the exit to appear!
  • :not_ok:
  • ZRisk (Risk) LOL maybe I was in a hurry and said it was risk II (I have that game by Microprose!) What I ment to say is that I have the DOS version of Risk (Zrisk) it is stupid! :Brain: The selection of countries takes so long..well.. I hvent't gotten past that SUCKY!!!

DA BOMB....Out!

Master MC 18-04-2006 09:17 PM

That sure are a lot of games! Now write some reviews and you're certain of becoming a VIP! :ok:

MASTER MC....Out !

stanleyopar2000 19-04-2006 02:28 PM

okkkayyyyy shall we continue?...
  • :ok: The Dinosaur Desiginer is a ga (well not a game!) it's a creation program where you can build your own dinosaurs "piece by piece!" and yes I HAVE ORIGINAL BOX!! and I will get out my digital camera and snap a picture of it! this desigier has up to 10 (I think) backrounds and up to 50 ( or more I think) pieces to make your dinosaur! you can even put bubbles to make them talk in your own cartoon. note this program MIGHT be suitable for younger kids (depends if you're creative!)
  • :angry: Cubeaz is a rubrix cube game that can only be run in DOSbox and I seirously don't get it!!!
  • :ok: :ok: Tank Warz is a game where there is a huge hill in between two tanks. One is you while the other is the computer. You have to guess accuracy and power to hit the other tank on the other side...sounds easssyy? well you have a "men" meter in the tank and if you get hit, you lose some men..that means your maxium peak in power has been lowered! cool graphics (for DOS!) and NICE weapons and upgrades! A definite Must for Abandonia!!
  • :ok: Amaze! this game is a game that you can yes build and create your own mazes and then test them! I myself have not used it because I'm not a fan of mazes...but I'm sure there is a member on abandonia who would love it to be uploaded!
  • :not_ok: :blink: Pinball Games I is a game with TONS of extra pinball tables to choose from! The bad thing is that you need DOSbox to run or else the ball will slip by the flippers so fast you literally won't see it! Also to have bad news I don't know how to use the flippers...sorry! :crazy:
  • :ok: Hunt is a game where you are in a long maze and there is old treasures every where! the character is visible in front of you and he doesn't move AT ALL! the walls move! but the game is still fun because you can't die. A good timewaster :D NOTE uses DOS box for this game because every time you see a treasure some stupid idiotic music will be blasting out of your PC speakers! So use DOS box so YOU can control the volume!
:D There you have It Tom Henrik!

DA BOMB...that name is getting monotous so menbers all of you!, what do you think if I changed my username to: Megaman.EXE? please! I need your opinion!

until then, DA BOMB...out!

Tom Henrik 19-04-2006 03:53 PM

Do you have a producer name or a site where it's possible to read about the games?

Anyways... If you look at my first reply to you and just take the ones I have said is ok from there, you should be well on your way :D

Remember that you can review both Abandoned games and freeware :)

If you have any questions about how you should progress, feel free to PM me.

ChristianJ 08-05-2007 07:41 PM



I have posted a request for a battleship game elsewhere on this forum, and noticed that you have a rare one of the kind - SEAHUNT.

The one I am looking for (and have been for several years now) sure is rare aswell, so I just thought I'd show you a home-made image of how the game looks (sort of):

Does SEAHUNT look something like that?

Best regards

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