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DeathDude 16-01-2006 11:13 PM

Just thought would post a little topic about the band I'm in and to showcase some of the music off, in case you haven't seen by now by way of my sig link, I'm in a band with some others around here and we've just gotten started around September, to date we have 2 guitarists and recently got our bassist which only leaves the drumming position open, which may soon be filled come this friday.

We play progressive metal music, so stuff like queensryche, dream theater, symphony X, those sorts of bands style of music, in the scheme of things. is the site we are operating out of we got 4 songs up for preview all complete with basically my friend Dave on guitars handling all the guitar bits, Vlad on Bass and myself on Vocals, the songs Forbidden, Aversion Pawn and River Knights all have vocals and The Blue Forest Swamp is an instrumental only track. All music thus far has been written by Dave with lyrics being written by myself.

Am interested to hear opinions and thoughts on the music, all welcome. :)

Yobor 17-01-2006 12:10 AM

Sweet stuff man!

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