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Ohne Mitleid 15-05-2011 11:58 PM

Top down dual player sword duel
I know I played this game in the arcade and jumped on it first thing when it was available for the computer. The problem is, I can't remember if it was shareware, commercial OR if it was PC or Apple :mhh:

In any event, it was two player only, no single player that I can remember. It was a top down view of a fighting area where you battled your sword wielding opponent, best warrior wins. The arena was only as big as the screen and I am pretty sure you could chop the opponent's limbs off. I don't think it was very colorful except for the red of blood and everything else was possibly just black and white. I also think there was some kind of electronic fuzz noise when a defeated opponent materialized on the screen. The warrirors wore helmets, so no hair or any real in-depth graphic details were involved.

The graphic that sparked this memory was the screenshot from Fantasy Empires. It looks most like the two C-shaped guys dueling in the lower left of the battle.

I remember playing Wizards of Wor (1980ish) in the arcade at the same time this was an arcade game. I distinctly remember playing on the computer as well though, some time after the arcade game was gone. Anyone else remember this?

Wicky 16-05-2011 03:43 AM

Not a good match but was it Barbarian aka Death Sword? ?

Ohne Mitleid 16-05-2011 01:47 PM


Originally Posted by Wicky (Post 427352)
Not a good match but was it Barbarian aka Death Sword? ?

No, but thank you. It was a top down/overhead/bird's eye view perspective, not a side scroller at all. Isn't that game and the sequel already on Abandonia?:spyder:

SIDE NOTE: I didn't know you couldn't edit a thread's subject after posting. The true title is supposed to be "A dual player sword duel". I was trying to be clever. And as Tyler Durden replied, 'How's that working out for ya? Being clever...?'

'Not so well' is my reply.

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