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Hunter Hunted 02-12-2020 06:49 AM

Silent Hills
Apparently, it's not dead after all. :drool:

Until Konami announces something though, it may as well be hogwash. This entire year has been based around all of the hearsay about two alleged Silent Hill games being in the pipeline.

Silent Hill used to be my second favourite franchise, following the Resident Evil franchise. Although that series has its share of ups and downs. But I don't think I want something like P.T. to come out, as I'm not all that keen on the first person perspective. For I mean, at least The Evil Within 2 gave you an option to play the entire game in third or first person, following an update. Yet nobody online seems to care much for that game.

Hopefully, Konami would not screw it up, because the games that Team Silent did not work on, were not that impressive. If you liked them, that's okay. But to me, losing Team Silent was so sad. :unsure:

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